The Cheapest Tablet Devices Today: Ranked Based On Your Budget And Needs

The influx of various gadgets today has made some devices such as the tablets inexpensive. You can buy a good one already under $200. Tablets make great gifts, especially for tech-savvy children or for yourself. When you buy two tablets of the same brand, you may even get a huge discount. If you are looking for cheap tablet devices, then you’ve come to the right place. We have rounded up the most ...[Read More]

Review: AidSci Electric Arc Lighter

Still relying on igniting a fuel source with a flint wheel to unleash the power of fire? It’s 2018 folks – we have a gadget for everything. This lighter from AidSci comes nicely packaged in a black cardboard box along with a Micro USB charging cable. It’s almost 10″ long with its head on the end of a 4″ flexible goose-neck arm. This allows you to direct it anywhere yo...[Read More]

FireFlex Vinyl for the OnePlus One

     FireFlex Vinyl for the OnePlus One   “Skins” are becoming more popular now as customers want to make their device’s stand out from the crowd. Although this style offers zero protection if the worst may happen, you do have something unique, different and a look that’s your own. FireFlex Vinyls offer a range of products for a host of different devices with new stock...[Read More]