Review: Xsories Bendy

In our latest Lifestyle accessory review, we’re taking a look at the Xsories Bendy. A tripod / holder product that can be used with multiple add-ons, although, marketed towards Action Cameras like the Go Pro and what we recently reviewed ourselves, The Drift Stealth 2 Action Cam. Constructed with aluminium inside with a rubber finish, the Xsories Bendy is somewhat stiff to use at first but t...[Read More]

Review: GripSnap The Flexible Magnetic Stand

Review: GripSnap The Flexible Magnetic Stand One question has plagued me since the creation of the selfie stick, “What if I want to do jazz hands, when taking a photo?”. Its a big important question, as selfie sticks always take up an arm and a hand. This is what gravitated me towards GripSnap. GripSnap is a portable, flexible monopod designed for GoPros and smartphones. Sounds normal ...[Read More]