Review: RiutBag Crush Lightweight Foldable Security Backpack

RiutBag Crush folds out from a neat little pocket to give you a 13 litre backpack that’s strong, showerproof, lightweight and secure. Crush comes packaged in a small drawstring bag, folded up in its zipped D-pocket form. Weighing just 240g, this little pouch is small and light enough to slip into the pocket of another bag. This makes it ideal to pack with you when travelling (in case you nee...[Read More]

Review: Plugable Bluetooth Folding Keyboard and Case

For the last few days, I have been using the Plugable Bluetooth Folding Keyboard and Case. I’ve use a few of these in the past year, so I’ve had some experience with them, and was delighted at the opportunity to try out another one. Here’s how my experience has gone, so far. I want to say at the outset that this keyboard has a lot going for it. The design of this keyboard is pret...[Read More]