This is Halloween, Everybody Scream!

There’s Christmas merchandise in the stores, and I don’t like it – it’s too early for that! Not to mention there’s a fun little holiday just around the corner to enjoy first, and now UK people can get in on Halloween the American way. Because who knows how to Halloween like our transatlantic cousins? Kitty’s Boo-Tique just launched their online store and I literally w...[Read More]

Review: Miposaur by WowWee

We’ve got something a little different on the review floor this time, we’re taking a look at Miposaur. An electronic dinosaur toy that’s controlled via hand gestures, app or accompanying trackball. This is a top quality gadget suitable for kids and even bigger kids like us dads. WowWee have built a solid, fun and you could say highly interactive robot pet. I love it! The kids poi...[Read More]

Why not get techy this Christmas Season with MIPOW

Christmas is approaching us and we’ll all be thinking about what to get our loved ones. Whether you’re a last minute Christmas Eve shopper or you’ve already begun. Let us introduce you to this range of Christmas presents. MIPOW has a selection of gadgets to put under your tree this year. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you’ve got your lights up does it?    MIPOW is a global leader in pre...[Read More]