Groov-e Tempo – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

We’ve done many reviews of headphones here on Droid Horizon, including some Groov-e products such as the Groov-e Sport Buds, the Groov-e Motion and the Groov-e Sports Clips. Today we take a look at the Tempo – wireless Bluetooth headphones from Groov-e, available in 4 colours – Blue Black Pink & White. With a price tag of £39.99 I find the Groov-e Tempo as an affordable premi...[Read More]

Groov-e Sports Clips – The Perfect Earphones for your Jogging or Workout

We’ve done a lot of earphones reviews here on Droid Horizon, with a few similar Groov-e items as well, like the Groov-e Sport Buds and the Groov-e Motion. Today we’ll talk about the Groov-e Sports Clips which is available in 4 colours – Blue Black Violet & White. With a price tag of only £8.99 I didn’t expect the Groov-e Sports Clips to have the same build and sound quality as othe...[Read More]

Review: Groov-e Sport Buds

Review: Groov-e Sport Buds We’ve reviewed lots of ear phones over the last few years here at DroidHorizon. All at different price brackets from Sennheiser’s famous Momentum range to… Shall we say, “less good.” Although which is usually the case with technology accessories, you really do get what you pay for. You’ll find corners have been cut to keep price down and mat...[Read More]

Review: Groov-e Motion

    Review: Groov-e Motion GVBT300BK   We’re back with another headphone review for our readers, this time we’d like to share our opinion on the Groov-e Motion (GVBT300BK.) Marketed at the sports or fitness consumer. The Groov-e Motion offer a sweat proof finish so you can wear these at the gym or out running. Queue up your favourite workout tracks on Spotify and hit the...[Read More]

Review: Groov-e Soundblaster

Review: Groov-e Soundblaster The Groov-e SoundBlaster features Bluetooth wireless playback, audio streaming (A2DP) and PLL FM stereo radio tuner with 20 station memory presets. The Soundblaster can wirelessly playback audio from any device with Bluetooth A2DP function. The wireless range is approximately within 10m (30ft). Simply pair your device and enjoy wireless audio streaming. In addition, th...[Read More]