Review: GRDE Bluetooth Headset

Review: HV 900 Bluetooth Headset WOW! Any time in the past that I have thought about buying a set of bluetooth headphones I have always found them a bit on the  “I don’t want to spend that much on them” side.  You won’t have that problem with the HV 900’s at $24.99 and free shipping, these are a jolly bargain! Plus, we will give you a discount code at the end of the r...[Read More]

Bluedio TF800 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

  Bluetooth headsets are pretty common these days, there’s something extremely convenient about not having to deal with wires or worry about wear and tear on 3.5mm ports. Sound quality takes a hit but for many the trade-off is worth it. Do a search for BT Headphones and you’ll find plenty of budget one’s to choose from. Enter Bluedio , with their Bluedio TF800 Bluetooth Ster...[Read More]