Vieta One 2.1 – Review

 Vieta One 2.1 – Review The market is flooded with Bluetooth speakers these days, everyone wants to stream from their favourite music service to a set of speakers so the rest of the room can hear the tunes too. With most consumer electronics you’ll get something at all price points to suit your needs at a range of prices to reflect that. You can pick-up a Bluetooth speaker for £20 on A...[Read More]

FSL 360° Bluetooth Headphones Review

The 360° from Future Sound Lab offers advanced sound quality in a slick around-ear design with One Button Control (OBC) for complete ease of use.  Imagine full control of your music and calls from just one button without needing to take your smartphone out of your pocket. Add to that the around ear design of the 360 manufactured to block out external noise by up to 90% enabling you to listen to mu...[Read More]

CordCruncher – Review

CordCruncher – Review What are the two major problem every gadget user has, battery running out and headphones getting tangled. The issue being that when you try to untangle them you tend to get frustrated and you run the risk of damaging your headphones. What the human race needs is a set of headphones that don’t get tangled and at an affordable price. Both of these points are covered...[Read More]

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS – Review

Good things come in small packages, or so the saying goes. In the case of the Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS it’s certainly true. This thing is tiny. 30 x 10 x 53.5mm and 100g (3.5oz) in weight, but it’s build quality is excellent. At one end you’ll find a micro-USB input, at the other a 3.5mm analogue output. On the top just two buttons for volume control, the + and – symbols...[Read More]

Meenova Card Reader – Review

Meenova Card Reader – Review I first heard about this device, when it was still on Kickstarter, and it had already destroyed their initial goal, and was gaining more traction with everyday. But looking at the device thats no wonder, they were developing a small unit to be plugged into the MicroUSB port of any Android device as long as it has USB On-The-Go support, to allow it to read MicroSD...[Read More]

HMDX Jam Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Jam Plus bluetooth speaker lets you connect wirelessly up to 30 feet away from your device and even pair two for true stereo sound. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 6 hours of wireless play. Build Quality & Design Before I get into reviewing the device itself, I need to mention the packaging. HMDX are running with the jam theme by supplying their speaker inside a jam jar...[Read More]

NanoGrip – Review

NanoGrip – Review Always losing your phone, keys or change on the dashboard of your car? Want a place to keep your device, but it keeps slipping off? Then look no further than this excellent product, NanoGrip! The guys who sell this, very kindly sent it over to me, along with an example of their competitors, and their product is far superior. You can stick this on the back of screens, on you...[Read More]

Everdock – Review

Everdock – Review Stop your search, we at Droidhorizon have now found the only dock you will ever need. The EverDock was created by FŪZdesigns, led by David Gengler and Cameron Gibbs. I spotted this on Kickstarter and was interested by the slogan “the only dock you’ll ever need”, the EverDock works with most devices including smartphones and tablets of different shapes and sizes, inclu...[Read More]

Motorola Moto X UK – Review

Moto X UK – Review   After 6 months of waiting, the UK got it’s hands on the first high end Motorola since the Razr HD . I say high end even though most people are calling it a “mid range” phone just based on internal hardware. This is where I think they are going wrong. The build quality is just beautiful. Even on the “Made in China” versions the UK gets. The screen is bright and sharp...[Read More]

Betasphere HR700 Twist Bluetooth Speaker – Review

Betasphere HR700 Twist Bluetooth Speaker – Review Picture the scene, you have an HTC One X, your devilishly handsome husband has a HTC One with those great speakers, what’s the solution? The solution is the Betasphere HR700 Twist Bluetooth Speaker. This black, matte finished speaker has great sound, looks great and easy to setup. My wife was ecstatic when she played with this, the spea...[Read More]

HTC One Mini – Review

HTC One Mini – Review Thanks to our good friends at Clove, we have had the chance to use the HTC One Mini exclusively now for 2 weeks and thought we’d share our thoughts and feelings on the HTC Ones little brother. We’ll try to break things down into what we think are the key areas when buying a phone. We also have a HTC One in the office, and will be using it to compare features and s...[Read More]

Sony SBH50 Headset – Review

Sony SBH50 Headset – Review I’m not the kind of person to go for those over the ear bluetooth devices. That reason was what first got me interested in this device. It has the in-ear headphones and a very good clip, meaning I can attach it to my bag strap and nobody around me would know i’m actually listening to my phone. The SBH50 looks great, its got the solid black box look dow...[Read More]