Review: Get some boom in your ears with Boompods In-Ear Earpods

Review: Get some boom in your ears with Boompods In-Ear Earpods With players such as Soundmagic and Sennheiser, the in-ear headphone market is already pretty full. So when I tested out the Earpods from Boompod I was hoping they would be able to hold their own, and I was pleasantly surprised. These guys are well made, the cable is braided which makes it tangle free, knots in headphones have always ...[Read More]

Outdoor Technology Orcas Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Review

Outdoor Technology Orcas Bluetooth Earbuds – Review One of my favorite companies at the moment are Outdoor Tech, they have some great ideas for products and really know how to design and make it look good. The latest product out of their office is this set of sweat-proof, water resistant, bluetooth wireless ear buds, called Orcas. Outdoor Tech grab your attention right from the start, even t...[Read More]

CordCruncher – Review

CordCruncher – Review What are the two major problem every gadget user has, battery running out and headphones getting tangled. The issue being that when you try to untangle them you tend to get frustrated and you run the risk of damaging your headphones. What the human race needs is a set of headphones that don’t get tangled and at an affordable price. Both of these points are covered...[Read More]

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