Review: Protect the One you love with the Symmetry Case from Otterbox

Review: Protect the One you love with the Symmetry Case from Otterbox I have tested a number of cases for my M8. This week I was pleased to receive one from Otterbox. This time they have sent their latest case for the M8, the Symmetry case. This case is Otterbox’s attempt on offering as much protection as possible while concentrating on style. The packaging is as sleek as the case itself, and I co...[Read More]

Turtle Shell 2.0 – Review

Turtle Shell 2.0 – Review With more and more bluetooth speakers being released, we are starting to notice an increase in favouritism towards a less fragile design. This makes a lot of sense, as who wants to take a speaker on holiday, or to the beach, and risk dropping it, drenching it or breaking it? Nobody! The most recent feature being added to speakers is a water/splash proof coating. I s...[Read More]

CM Backup – Review

CM Backup – Review With all the apps out there, its always nice to highlight a brand new release and one that simplifies a complicated procedure. CM Backup is a brand new app, which uses a one-tap design to help you backup your contacts, sms and call log easily. The design and look is smooth, and uses some great animations. Its nice to be able to use a program with very little maintenance. C...[Read More]

Heroes: A Grail Quest – Review

Heroes: A Grail Quest – Review My new favorite game is Heroes: A Grail Quest. You control a knight, who has been tasked to get the holy grail for his ill king. But its not that easy, you have to explore the country, battle with baddies and lay siege to castles. Heroes uses a top-down view when playing the game. The controls are simple tap to move/fight, and a turn-based system, which reminds...[Read More]

FLASHOUT 2 – Review

FLASHOUT 2 – Review Do you like the idea of a Wipeout ripoff, with annoying dubstep in the background? Then Flashout 2 is the game for you. Races take place race tracks that circle high above futuristic cities. Where with Wipeout and similar games, power ups appear in the same place each each, Flashout 2 tracks are littered with boosts, weapons, and jumps, they have no sense of place, and at...[Read More]

Beach God – Review

Beach God – Review The main character in Beach God is never given a name, but he shall be referred to as Bruce. Beach God is a simple game, you play as Bruce who is trying to impress the similar looking ladies marching past his bar. You try to impress them using the never-known-to-fail technique of flexing biceps and pectorals. If you fail to do this when one of the beach babes walks by, you...[Read More]

Defender of the Crown – Review

Defender of the Crown – Review Defender of the Crown originally debuted in 1986, a whole year before a baby called Luke was born, so needless to say I  was not aware of this game until it was re-released on the play store. Further investigation informed me, that this game ahead of its time, a highly-polished game for the mid 80’s, but one that didn’t fit into any genre. Defender ...[Read More]

Abyss Attack – Review

  Abyss Attack – Review Never has a game with IAP’s looked so good, Abyss Attack has to be one of the nicest looking games I have played in a while. You play a deep see adventurer being attacked by the sea’s inhabitants, all you have to defend yourself is a sub and a range of weapons. Abyss Attack is a scrolling shooter, played from a top-down view. You get have a range of glowin...[Read More]

HTC M8 Otterbox Defender Case – Review

HTC M8 Otterbox Defender Case – Review When I held the HTC M8 my first thought was, I have to protect this device. The M8 is a lot of hardware and from having reviewed cases for the HTC One, I knew there was only one case I would need. That was the HTC One M8 OtterBox Defender Case. This case comes with 3 main sections, and offers the most protection for a phone I have ever seen. The phone i...[Read More]

AppChooser – Review

AppChooser – Review A great point about Android is the massive share menu you can access. You can share a picture with Google+, Dropbox, Google Drive etc,  but over time this menu can get a bit cluttered. The solution for this problem comes in the form of AppChooser which lets you customize and clean up the share menu. Setup is easy after installing AppChooser, open the share menu and pick t...[Read More]

Kick-it Kickstand – Review

Kick-it Kickstand – Review In a market bloated with stands and rests for your phone, nowadays you need to be releasing a really kickass accessory to get out in front. The Kick-it Kickstand does exactly what it says on the box, but its not going to jump out at you. This stand is more of a dark horse, it may not be the best looking, but its strong and works. I’m not saying its not a func...[Read More]

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer – Review

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer – Review Have you ever been on a night out and been suspicious that someone might not be as wasted as they want you to believe? With BACtrack’s Mobile Breathalyzer, you can find out. With this futuristic device, you can keep tabs on your alcohol intake, share your state of inebriation with your friends, and even track how long till you sober up. This tiny, ...[Read More]