HTC Onex

Win a HTC OneX case from

  Our good friends over at have offered up a few HTC One X cases which we reviewed as prizes for  liking their FaceBook page. HERE Gadgetwear is a local business, in the UK, which sell cases, covers and accessories for all types of phones and tablets. Not just Android. We’ll let this giveaway run for a few weeks and they’ll pick a few winners from their recent fol...[Read More]

New HTC Devices, One X+ and One VX

  HTC announced 2 new devices this morning. We grabbed some specs to share with our readers. The One X+ is the new flagship device replacing the only 6 months old One X it looks basically the same but only available  in a Matte Black finish with more red hints around the unibody design. Most changes are under the hood..     One X+ Photo from Android Central 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA ...[Read More]

ARHD 9.1 for the One X

            As soon as most people root a device they jump right in and go with a Cyanogen or a AOKP ROM for their phone. This can be for many reasons; to get rid of the system apps they dont want, to gain more features or to have a crisp version of Android. I was one of those people, but when I got my HTC One X I went in a different direction. Mike1986 is a recognise...[Read More]