Review: Miposaur by WowWee

We’ve got something a little different on the review floor this time, we’re taking a look at Miposaur. An electronic dinosaur toy that’s controlled via hand gestures, app or accompanying trackball. This is a top quality gadget suitable for kids and even bigger kids like us dads. WowWee have built a solid, fun and you could say highly interactive robot pet. I love it! The kids poi...[Read More]

Review: The Polar Loop 2

Review: The Polar Loop 2 I wasn’t aware of Polar before I got the Loop 2 to review. They have actually been around for a long time, mainly concentrating on heart rate monitors. Their Polar Loop was released a couple of years back, which included all the tracking potential you could want. Now they have released the new Loop 2, which build upon the solid foundation of the original while throwi...[Read More]

Review: Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag Complete Set

Review: Bomber Barrel Duffle Bag Complete Set My main job is working for a French company, and this means frequent trips to France and back. I currently have a hug grey old bag which I use, it’s coming apart and not good for short day flights. I then came across on Kickstarter, they were after $15,000 for their new duffle bag, managing to bag almost $500,000 in the process. It&#...[Read More]

Review: Checking out the Beddit, Bolt and Shine from Misfit

Review: Checking out the Beddit, Bolt and Shine from Misfit I hadn’t heard of Misfit before, but was excited when a mystery parcel arrived with their logo on. Inside was their sleeping aid the Misfit Beddit, their smart bulb the Misfit Bolt and their activity tracker the Misfit Shine. I have been checking them all out and found them to all be quite solid and even better the apps for the prod...[Read More]

Review: Insulated Sidewinder Bottle from Liquid Hardware

Review: Insulated Sidewinder Bottle from Liquid Hardware As a larger gentleman I am in need of hydration a lot. If I’m doing a long walk, or finishing a difficult piece of writing, I tend to drink a lot of water. Currently I used old bottles, or a big plastic bottle, but due to health risks with BPA and just general germs, I thought there must be a cool alternative. So I came across Liquid H...[Read More]

Review: The Cherry MX Board 6.0

Review: The Cherry MX Board 6.0 A mechanical keyboard, what’s this the 90’s! But actually you’d be wrong, mechanical keyboards are the future, and I am looking at one from the source. The MX Board 6.0 from Cherry is the latest in the line of MX boards. This is the combination of MX technology and CHERRY RealKey technology, all within a sexy aluminum keyboard. This was my first ex...[Read More]

Review: MX Master Mouse from Logitech

Review: MX Master Mouse from Logitech As an office worker, I have always been a bit bored of the mice we use. They are normally bland, dull and featureless. I dreamed of the day office workers and gamers needs would combine to create a mouse for the ages. Logitech have risen to the challenge and crafted the MX Master. This mouse has been built completely from scratch and not based on a pre-existin...[Read More]

Review: iBeani

Review: iBeani We’ve looked at many tablet stands over the years here at Droidhorizon, in this review we’ll take a look at something a little bit different. Made in the UK and available in multiple designs, the iBeani works with any tablet or eReader as a place to rest your device in comfort. “The iBeani bean-bag stand is the only universal tablet stand you need. It fits Android ...[Read More]

Review: The Pulse from Withings

Review: The Pulse from Withings Everyone should be aware they ought to be keeping fit and looking after themselves. This is easier to do with the plethora of gadgets you can strap, stick or attach to your body, to track every bit of information it can.  Developers have come a long way from the bulky, inaccurate pedometers of my youth. They have been replaced with smart gadgets packed with sensors ...[Read More]