Tips On How To Schedule Automated Marketing Reports

Any business today is going to ask for updates and reports. Entrepreneurs and managers alike have learned to master the art of keeping documentation down to the “T.” When you think of reports, more often than not, you think of pages upon pages of boring and nonsensical information, meant for the number crunchers and the statisticians. But that’s all changed. With the advent of the internet, report...[Read More]

How SMBs are Using Craigslist for Marketing

Since it was launched in 1995, Craigslist has been the go-to site for classifieds. Even today, the site gets thousands of users and more new ads per day than ever. It’s popularity is a testament to how effective Craigslist listings still are. Craigslist isn’t for everyone, but it does offer something for users and businesses alike. In fact, Craigslist marketing is a part of a digital marketing str...[Read More]

5 Great Company Marketing Giveaway Items

  The year 2017 is witnessing again the rise in the use of promotional items for marketing purposes. Various businesses are now using promotional items as part of their bigger marketing strategy- both in maintaining customers and attracting new ones. With tremendous innovations in technology, it is not surprising that gadgets and technological items are starting to dominate the promotional st...[Read More]