How To Improve The Performance Of Your iPhone Microphone

Ideally, your iPhone’s microphone should have sufficient volume anytime you use it, especially when making an audio recording or during a phone call.  But, there are times that your iPhone microphone may not function the way it should be. When it happens, it’s time to do something to improve the performance of your iPhone’s microphone. When your iPhone microphone is fuzzy or low, the issue can be ...[Read More]

Review: Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Anker PowerConf is a new Bluetooth speakerphone that’s ideal for your home office. It offers smart voice enhancement, 360° pickup (using no less than 6 microphones), direct USB-C connection to your computer and a large internal battery for up to 24 hours of wireless talk time. Along with a USB Type C cable and instruction booklet, the PowerConf also comes with it’s own zipped carry cas...[Read More]

Review: TOTU Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Noise Cancelling with Microphone

Looks like we have more bluetooth headphones here to review. Today we’ll check out the brand TOTU and their wireless bluetooth headphones. I took a couple weeks to use these, and i’ll just say I’ve used better. That said, these certainly should be consider a budget set of headphones. Has everything you should expect from spending $19.99 on Amazon. Included in the quite minimal pa...[Read More]