Review: Vanguard VESTA TT1 Mini Table Tripod

VESTA TT1 is a miniature table-top tripod from Vanguard that’ll provide excellent support for your camera or smartphone without weighing you down. Available in the choice of four different colours, we were impressed with the build quality of the TT1 as soon as it was removed from the packaging. The reassuringly solid aluminium build gives the impression that this little tripod will last a li...[Read More]

How To Get The Best Deal in Buying The Best Mini Spy Camera

How To Get The Best Deal in Buying The Best Mini Spy Camera   Securing one’s valuables is an essential quest nowadays. People want to be constantly assured that their important possessions are safe and sound when they are not around. Technology has made it so much easier for people to protect their valuables and be able to keep an eye on them at all times. Through various technological means,...[Read More]

VIP Alpha Range – Review

In our latest vaping review, we’re going to take a look at the Alpha Range from VIP. The company have launched their own branded hardware that meets the variety of vaping styles. Be it Mouth To Lung (MTL) Direct Lung (DL) or somewhere in-between, VIP have you covered. We’ve spent nearly a month with the mods and tanks in daily rotation. Read on for the reviews….   Alpha Mini...[Read More]

Eachine E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone: Features and Specs

Nowadays, there are more and more models of drones available on the market. Because of this, you need to read several reviews to see which one has the features that interest you. Also, you need to find the reason for why you need a drone. There are drones specialized for photography and others for air stunts. In this article we are going to present the Eachine E010 Mini UFO quadcopter drone. This ...[Read More]

PCG03 Plus Fanless Intel Mini PC from MeLE

PCG03 Plus Fanless Intel Mini PC from MeLE I am a massive fan of small form factor computers. MeLE have been on my radar, but I have never had a hands on experience with one of their machines. They have in the past spent more time on Android boxes, but more recently have been developing Windows Machines. The Mele PCG03 Plus is a small, low-power computer with an Intel Atom Z8300 processor and Wind...[Read More]

Review: Mini Audio Mi the Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker

Review: Mini Audio Mi the Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker My shelves are full of bluetooth speakers, big ones, square ones, turtle shell ones. I thought I had seen them all, but then Mini Audio sent me their Mi, a tiny new NFC Bluetooth speaker. Mini Audio are a London based company, who created their Mi using the power of crowdfunding. The Mini Audio Mi is constructed with an aluminium body and the ...[Read More]

Review: Tripod miniPro

Review: Tripod miniPro I rarely use tripods when taking photos, or recording videos. But when iBolt sent me their Tripod miniPro, I was amazed at how easy it was to use, and that it’s small enough that it would be easy to keep with me at all times. The Tripod also came with a bluetooth “selfie” button, which I could attach to my keys, and use to remotely take a photo or start/sto...[Read More]

X-Mini KAI 2 – Review

X-Mini KAI 2 – Review The motto for X-Mini is “sound beyond size”, this is due to their  small speakers that are big on sound. This is the first X-Mini speaker I’ve had a chance to review. I was absolutely blown away by the sound that came out. This is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker. It’s built for travel and sound quality but also allows you to take a conference call at the push of a ...[Read More]

KooGoo Icon Pack & Mini Interview

 KooGoo Icon Pack & Mini Interview Taking a break from our usual application, game and accessory reviews, we thought it would be fun to share an icon pack from djskarpia AKA Andrea Corvi. This particular set is called KooGoo, such an unusual name but read on to find out where that came from. Features include.. 1500+ HD Icons 88  Cloud wallpapers – for tablets i suggest you to download th...[Read More]

Minigore 2 Zombies – Review

Minigore 2 is an award-winning action game starring Egoraptor! Dual-stick shooter masterpiece from the creators of Ice Rage, KingHunt and Bike Baron. You must help John Gore fight his way through sunny lakes, graveyards and freezing plains into a stormy forest. The legendary Metusalem has brought to life murderous chefs, giant lumberjacks, killer penguins, a single moose and the entire undead army...[Read More]

HTC One Mini – Review

HTC One Mini – Review Thanks to our good friends at Clove, we have had the chance to use the HTC One Mini exclusively now for 2 weeks and thought we’d share our thoughts and feelings on the HTC Ones little brother. We’ll try to break things down into what we think are the key areas when buying a phone. We also have a HTC One in the office, and will be using it to compare features and s...[Read More]