Seven Latest Multiplayer Games For Your Pc

We live in a highly digitalized era, where communication is dependant on social media to connect. Similarly, the gaming world has incorporated multiplayer games to include people worldwide to indulge in healthy competition simultaneously. Humans have a social nature, and one needs to socialize with others to be a part of the community. Gaming helps overcome this barrier in a sense, especially in t...[Read More]


The world’s first free-roaming, multiplayer VR entertainment experience is set to captivate Brits, as revolutionary social VR gaming company Zero Latency, launches the UK’s first site on Friday 19th October in Nottingham. The deeply immersive 15 or 30-minute social VR experiences brings socialising with friends to a new dimension; battling zombies in a survival game, intergalactic firefights in sp...[Read More]

Circles & Brain – Review

 Circles & Brain – Review   A simple and familiar game where you have to match the circles shown in order. Yes there are loads of games already like this, but, Circles & Brain offers real time multiplayer 1v1. Pretty sure that’s a unique feature compared to the rest. An uncomplicated game to play, in all honesty but the 1v1 really offers this title a bit more. Myself and t...[Read More]

The Square – Review

The Square – developing your brain “The Square” is a brain puzzle game that will allow you to relax and train your brain in your spare time. If you have 60-seconds free, we can offer you some great entertainment. How fast is your eye? How perceptive are you? Sit back, download The Square and start playing solo or with friends.   A bright and well thought out game to test your reflexes a...[Read More]

Hive Defense (Multiplayer,) Game Review.

Help bees save their hive against angry insects attack! Tap on flowers with blossom to collect honey. More taps – more honey. But be careful, because angry insects will attack your hive. You will fight with 6 different types of enemies, including bugs, caterpillars, ant and spiders. Play in two hands to defend a hive. Use Bee Queen mega power button to stop invasion. An alluring game for you...[Read More]