Binge Anywhere: How to Watch Netflix Offline

Did you know that you can download Netflix content from your phone, tablet, or PC? Here’s how to watch Netflix offline on any device.   The average Netflix customer uses the service 10 hours a week, or 40 hours a month. It’s single-handedly started a revolution in the way we get our TV fix. But the revolution has some growing pains. As nice as Netflix is, what happens when you don...[Read More]

Nvidia Shield TV pairs nicely with Google Home Mini via Google Assistant

A few weeks ago a box arrived on my doorstep. I knew what it was so I ripped it open. Inside was the Nvidia Shield TV Gaming Edition. Which included the 16GB Shield, Shield Remote, Shield Controller, and Power Adapter. I took a quick scan through the guide, set it down, and hooked the device up to my 4K LG TV. Along with receiving the Shield TV, also delivered by way of a deal offering from Nvidia...[Read More]

NVIDIA Shield TV Review

NVIDIA Shield TV Review I’d like to start off by saying this will be my second review of the Nvidia Shield. My first review (Which I took down) wasn’t a good representation of the device. It was like saying don’t buy a PS4 because it can’t play PC games. The reasons behind it were due to my miss-use of the system. So I would like to first state this behemoth runs their Tegra X1 p...[Read More]

WeTek Hub Review

WeTek Hub Review The WeTek Hub is a tiny 7cm Android box. Rocking some of the best multimedia playback I have seen and even has the right DRM for Netflix HD. WeTek are quite a big name, and are known for their great forum support and sponsorships. The Hub runs on a SoC AMLogic S905-H Rev. C, 1 GB of RAM, 8GB eMMC, WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet , and HDMI 2.0 output up to 4K 60Hz. There’s also a Mic...[Read More]

EU commission must not resort to digital protectionism over Netflix

Next week the European Commission is set to publish a revision of its Media Services Directive, which is expected to include a requirement for Netflix and other on-demand services to devote at least 20 percent of their content to European works. In a slightly different approach at a news piece here at DroidHorizon, we thought this particular post may be of interest to some with the anti Google, an...[Read More]

RedBox Instant by Verizon, Quick Review

I’m going to try and give our readers just a little insight as to what you can expect from this new service. At first announcement I was excited to find out what RedBox Instant by Verizon really had to offer. Could it compete with our favorite streaming services, Netflix, Amazon Instant, or Hulu Plus? Two of those which I currently use by the way. The $8 service includes streaming either a l...[Read More]