Google Plus Hangout Event.

  For a bit of fun we have set up a Hangout event on Google Plus to chat and interact about the new Android devices that Google release on Mondays big event. Will we see multiple Nexus branded phones? Probably not. Will we finally see the Nexus 4 from LG? Almost certainly. Also the Nexus 10 from Samsung and the 32GB Nexus 7 from Asus.   If you haven’t already circled us. You can so...[Read More]

Editorial – Maybe LG Needs Some GL (Google Love)

As rumours emerged of LG being the next company to manufacture a Google Nexus device, the news was largely met by disbelief followed by ridicule by the Android community.  While LG had always produced fairly decent hardware, the software on their devices left a lot to be desired which prevented them from creating a truly exceptional smartphone.  Leaked photos of the “Nexus 4” show a si...[Read More]

New Poll Added….. Next Nexus manufacturer.

    If you have been under a rock and have missed these rumours. Seems Google are going to release maybe 5 Nexus devices by the end of the year. Under strict guidelines concerning hardware and skinning options, this can only be a good thing for end users that are now offered a choice of which device you want your stock Android experience. The likely suspects are.. Samsung (Galaxy Nexus 2...[Read More]

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