Open Sesame! Nominated for Best Accessibility App for the Google Play Awards

Open Sesame! provides a Touch-Free interface for complete control of an Android device through mere head movements   Open Sesame by Sesame Enable was recently selected as a nominee for the annual Google Play Awards in the Best Accessibility App category. Sesame’s technology has truly opened new worlds to an entire population that has been left out of the smart phone revolution – P...[Read More]

Encore Music. An open source, extendable music player.

  Encore Music. An open source, extendable music player. “Encore is an open source, extendable music player for Android which brings together your local music and your streaming music (via providers) into one application. If you want to listen to the streamed, album-version of “Freebird”, followed by your local copy of the piano version in one playlist, you can do that just by creating ...[Read More]

OYM Open Your Mind

 OYM Open Your Mind  The joys of owning mobile phones and high-end devices in general now are those big, bright and fantastic high resolution screens. Some people want theirs to stand out from the rest and possibly have something that nobody else has. I can relate very closely with the last comment. In resent times I’ve been trying my hand at making my own custom wallpapers and adding some c...[Read More]