Review: RiutBag Sling Secure Cross-Body Bag

Worn over one shoulder (like a bandolier), RiutBag Sling is a secure zipped pouch that provides easy access to your valuables while you travel. First appearances would suggest that the long, slim shape of the pocket on the Sling wouldn’t hold a lot. However the light material is quite stretchy allowing it to conform to the shape of the contents and actually hold quite a few items – max...[Read More]

Review: VIVID E-liquid Starter Kit

In our latest Vaping review, we take a look at the VIVID E-liquid Starter Kit   We were sent the VIVID Starter Kit for review by the company themselves, although we usually review accessories, speakers and headphones. We thought this particular product would be suitable for our average readers. If we’re honest, this style of e-cigarette is likely aimed at the person thinking about givin...[Read More]

Review: Meet your new backpack, the TYLT Energi+ Backpack

Review: Meet your new backpack, the TYLT Energi+ Backpack TYLT’s Energi+ Backpack, as the company explains, is “a next-gen briefcase, backpack, and mobile charging station.” After using it for a couple of weeks, I can confirm 100% they are telling the truth. This juggernaut of a bag, packs a 10,400mAh battery , with three USB ports to plug in a variety of mobile devices. Everythi...[Read More]

KooGoo Icon Pack & Mini Interview

 KooGoo Icon Pack & Mini Interview Taking a break from our usual application, game and accessory reviews, we thought it would be fun to share an icon pack from djskarpia AKA Andrea Corvi. This particular set is called KooGoo, such an unusual name but read on to find out where that came from. Features include.. 1500+ HD Icons 88  Cloud wallpapers – for tablets i suggest you to download th...[Read More]

Intocircuit Power Castle – Review

 Intocircuit Power Castle – Review Usually referred to as a “power brick,” the Intocircuit Power Castle offers a high capacity, 11200 mAh battery for an emergency scenario or even as a handy solution for charging all those expensive toys we own. I’m sure everyone that reads Android based sites have a few phones, a tablet or 2 and a Bluetooth speaker of some description. All...[Read More]

Quadro (Icon Pack) – Review

Today we’re going to take a little look at another icon pack that caught our attention. Brought to you by the designer behind Cyrcle and Stock UI, djskarpia. Quadro icon pack features over 1200 bright square icons with light round corners and a soft splash texture. This icon pack will look fantastic on everybody’s home screens.  Nearly all applications are themed in my app drawer, the ...[Read More]

Flatro (Icon Pack) – Review

Flatro (Icon Pack) – Review;   We decided a few weeks ago that we were going to start sharing icon packs and widgets we enjoy using. We’ll also share wallpaper apps, Zooper Widgets possibly UCCW and so on. It has been known that I like to spam my social streams with screenshot spam, so I thought, why not share on our site too. Maybe others like making great home screen designs and...[Read More]