How Do Bearings Work and Why They Are Paramount for Technological Applications

  Before we get to the, how, it is important to define bearings. A bearing is a form of a mechanical element that uses balls or other mechanisms to separate two surfaces. The goal is usually to reduce friction and maintain maximum efficiency. This pretty much means you will find them in almost all metallic joints, be it in your car, or industrial equipment. It also means that they are among t...[Read More]

Review: Paramount Hard Case Nexus 6P

In our latest Cases and Covers review, we take a look at the Paramount Hard Case for the Nexus 6P. This is a minimal case from Paramount for the Nexus 6P available in a choice of 5 colours, black, gold, jade green, blue and red. The red case I received was a very classy looking wine red and really helps to enhance the looks and style of the Nexus 6P (aluminium), and no doubt a black 6P would look ...[Read More]

Review: Paramount Nexus 6P leather case elegant

What first struck me about the Paramount Nexus 6P leather case elegant was the beautifully finished leather and stitching. The brown leather exudes quality and the magnetic clasp, rear cut outs and wallet flap all look great. After testing this case out though, I have a few concerns on the protection the case actually offers. On the inside of the leather outer, there is a very minimal black plasti...[Read More]