Give Good Face: 5 Tips for the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people will see on your page. We look at some tips for creating the perfect cover photo.   Did you know that your Facebook cover photo takes up almost a fourth of the viewer’s screen? It’s also the first thing viewers see- their first impression of you or your brand. Fortunately, you can optimise your display in a matter of minutes. Her...[Read More]

5 Main Rules Of Writing A Perfect CV

A CV will determine whether you get that chance to be interviewed or not. Also, it will give the panelists or organization the first impression of you and assess your chances of getting the job. PaperWritten provides professional writing services and resources to help you create the most compelling CV to earn you that crucial interview.  Recruiters receive thousands of CVs for every job advertisem...[Read More]

Audeara: headphones that deliver perfect sound, always

The world’s first full fidelity headphones with in built hearing test. Designed by doctors and engineers to give an audio experience like never before. Audeara.   The world’s first full fidelity headphones with an in built hearing test to protect users ears, delivering a supreme, catered sound like no other headphone, is currently live on Kickstarter.  An instant hit, it reached its fun...[Read More]

Official OnePlus One slim case – Review

 Official OnePlus One slim case – Review We’ve reviewed a fair few cases and covers for a wide range of devices over the years here at Some good, some average and some damn right awful. Take a look back at our Not Great Shield review, the last case I reviewed for the OnePlus One. To be fair that wallet case retailed at £7 or so, I’d mentioned at the time that yo...[Read More]