Win A Complete VR Sim Racing Setup With Ginetta Cars

In celebration of the growing world of online racing and eSports, Ginetta is giving away the ultimate gaming prize. One lucky motorsport fan will get their hands on a complete virtual reality-equipped Sim Racing system, worth over £2,500.   This epic giveaway consists of a high-spec gaming PC, complete with HTC Vive VR headset, a Playseat Evolution gaming seat that puts you in the position of...[Read More]

Anki Overdrive Expansion Packs Review

Anki Overdrive Expansion Packs Review I reviewed the Anki Overdrive a while back here, but wanted to catch up on the modular capabilities of this game, by trying out some of the expansion packs they sell. They do a variety of packs and bundles, the bundles can range from £129 for a 7 piece kit, to £379 for a 24 piece kit. I checked out some of the smaller kits which start from £19.99, the collisio...[Read More]

Re-Volt 2 Game Review

We loved the retro-goodness of RC Racing game Re-Volt Classic when we reviewed it back in May, and now with over 2.5 million downloads (for a paid game) it seems that we weren’t the only ones. So when we heard about the release of Re-Volt 2 we were excited to get our hands on it.  However rather than the true sequel the name suggests, Re-Volt 2 is more of an upgrade which incorporates a move...[Read More]