25 Random Thoughts Of A Professional QA Tester

Quality Assurance engineers are some of this world’s most sarcastic, mischievous, curious and ingenious people on the planet. They always double-check facts; none of them trusts a statement without additional proof. Their job and, probably their calling are to break software into pieces simply to see what will happen if… So what’s going on in their heads?  Our team at http://www.deviqa.com/ was cu...[Read More]

Random Heroes 3

  Random Heroes 3 The conclusion to the random heroes trilogy is finally out on android after 6 months of being on IOS but it’s better now it’s on android because… reasons!!!!!!! Aliens are again trying to invade after you took the fight to their home world in random heroes 2. You have 75 levels and 3 boss battles to fight though to save Earth. To help you complete your mission yo...[Read More]