Glowing Gloves, A New Mobile Boxing Game Using the Latest Augmented Reality Technology

Bublar,  a publicly listed Augmented Reality gaming studio, invites to closed beta testing of a new mobile boxing game. Glowing Gloves is a first-person immersive boxing game allowing users to control, punch, bob and weave their success through the motion tracking of the mobile device. Bublar believes it will be the first mobile sport-game using the new ARKit motion tracking technology.   &nb...[Read More]

Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience

Following the success of Netflix’s hit docu-drama, Manhunt: Unabomber, Vive Studios has teamed up with Immersion and the Newseum to launch Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience, now available on Viveport.     Originally shown in the Newseum, Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience allows users to join the FBI Task Force in charge of investigating one of the most challenging domesti...[Read More]

Focus HUD is bringing augmented reality to the road with its new navigation display

Popular navigation technology company, Focus HUD is leading the way in the AR revolution with a new cutting-edge navigation device which makes driving easier and safer. The recent announcements from Apple have pushed augmented reality to the next level and Focus HUD is helping phone users to join the movement with the first true augmented reality navigation system.   CEO of Focus HUD, Rishi S...[Read More]

Jaguar Land Rover and Gorillaz Seek New Engineering Talent via Alternate Reality

Jaguar Land Rover and Gorillaz are working together to recruit the next generation of world-class electronics and software engineering talent with a code-breaking challenge found in the virtual band’s app.   The best performers will be fast-tracked through the recruitment process, helping to meet Jaguar Land Rover’s ambition to employ thousands of bright new talents over the next ...[Read More]

5 Amazing Augmented Reality Hardware

We’ve discussed Augmented Reality several times.   The fast Synopsis: As per this is an emerging technology with unlimited opportunity for industry and beyond as compared to virtual reality. Try it ahead of time and lead the rest in your business. As essential as it’s to find the word out about what AR are capable of doing for your industry, we do care to address the unbel...[Read More]

Review: TechElec VR headset

TechElec offers a variety of products, which includes a VR headset. With this new offering that ties into mobile handsets getting a lot of buzz and PR lately, it’s not surprising in the least to see these headsets pop up all over the web. This one has some flaws to it, as well as some good ideas, so it’s a mixed bag at best. The unit is comprised of hard plastic and elastic straps that...[Read More]

Enterprises Prepare for Tidal Wave of New AR and VR Apps

As new augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) devices flood the market, ABI Research predicts enterprises will need to prepare for a tidal wave of new enterprise applications as the industry shifts its focus to the corporate and gaming verticals. AR usage in enterprise is on the rise, with smart glasses for gaming forecast to grow by 82% through 2021; VR will see similar crossover into enterpri...[Read More]

Microgaming and virtual reality: The state of play

Microgaming created the first ever online casino gaming platform in 1994, and are always at the forefront of new advances in gaming. They have adapted to changing technological landscapes in recent years and, four months ago at ICE (International Casino Expo) Totally Gaming, demonstrated that they have big plans for virtual reality. How far on are plans for these new VR casino games, and what gami...[Read More]

(News) Virtual Reality Heading to Harrods with HTC Vive

HTC partners with Harrods to bring VR system, HTC Vive to Harrods Technology store from April 2016   From today, Vive will be available for hands-on demonstrations and pre-orders in the Harrods Technology department, on the Third Floor of the prestigious department store on Brompton Road. The 20,000sqft space offers a premium selection of consumer technology categories including home computin...[Read More]

Smartphone Giants Continue Investment in Virtual Reality Devices

A recent report published on Research and Markets has predicted that the virtual reality market will reach a value of $15.89 billion by 2020, with smartphone penetration expected to build a huge market for mobile gamers. Following in the footsteps of HTC & Samsung, news broke this week that Google were developing their own virtual-reality headset for smartphones.   The new headset will fe...[Read More]

Review: Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

Review: Immerse Virtual Reality Headset Virtual Reality is about to become huge! Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive VR are all set to launch soon to market or already have. Hefty pieces of kit for sure, with hefty price tags to match. What if you’re unsure about throwing a lot of money at a “gimmick?” Personally, until I tested VR headsets myself, I was calling it a gimmic...[Read More]

Google Cardboard – Review

One of the most overlooked announcements of Google I/O 2014 was Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is maybe the first affordable homemade VR (virtual reality) headset and makes use of your smartphone. The simple hardware is supported by a very smart bit of software, inventively enough also called “Cardboard” and is made by Google. If you’re feeling creative then the hardware part can be made at ho...[Read More]