7 Reasons Buying A Cell Signal Booster Is Worth It

Chances are you’ve been in the middle of a call and, suddenly, the conversation becomes garbled. You have no other choice but to go outside to finish the chat. You may have also experienced your voicemail notification going off without your phone ringing. These are telltale signs of poor cell signal. Poor download speeds, missed, distorted and dropped calls are only a few of the problems that aris...[Read More]

10 Reasons To Study Communications at University

Going to University and interested in communications but not really sure what exactly you will get from a degree in communications? Look no further, as this article will tell you all about what studying a degree in communications will be like. The word communications seems a little broad and can mean more than just one thing, however, it refers to the study of human interactions and expression bet...[Read More]

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Mobiles Online

Dо уоu hаvе уоur eyes set оn a high-end mobile phone аnd аrе short оn cash? Don’t fret; refurbished mobile phones аrе аt уоur rescue. Thіѕ type оf refurnished phone carries thе ѕаmе features аѕ thеіr brand nеw counterparts, but аt prices sometimes аѕ low аѕ half. Thеу аrе reworked uроn bу technicians tо rectify ѕоmе minor defect thаt іѕ encountered durіng thе initial product run. Thеу аrе fi...[Read More]

Reasons Why To Use A Dedicated Server? [Editorial]

Dedicated servers consist of their own hard drives, bandwidth capacity, processors and Random Access Memory (RAM). The need for a dedicated server arises when the website has the tendency to generate a considerably high amount of traffic. For example, a website that can get up to thirty-five million hits per day should have a dedicated server. The client company is able to remotely configure and o...[Read More]

4 Great Reasons to Use Mobile Event Apps

Mobile event apps are changing the way organizations host important events. These mobile apps take advantage of all the benefits the latest mobile technologies offer modern businesses. Below are some of the main reasons you should seriously consider investing in a mobile event app. 1.Better Organization and Control Almost everyone who attends an event these days has a smartphone. It is much easier...[Read More]