Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review

Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review One disadvantage of the new phones coming out is the lack of removable battery, which allowed people to upgrade to larger battery’s and get a bit more power. This external battery case from is a great way round this restriction. You can charge it, slide in your phone and away you go: Materials I love the material this cas...[Read More]

Anything After – Review

Anything After – Review Your watching a movie and the credits start rolling, you get up and notice a group of people still waiting, do they know something I don’t  You ask. Thanks to the great developers of Anything After, we can now find out if any movie, even those in cinema, have footage in or after the credits. A pal of mine mentioned the app, created by Damien Dalli, that addresse...[Read More]

Smart Cover, Review

If your device has a proximity sensor.. Close cover, and Device automatically goes to sleep. Open cover, and Device instantly wakes up. Any Tablet, Any Phone, Any Cover. For example flip cover, Leather cover, Diary cover, Book cover etc… – How to uninstall app : Setting -> Security -> Device administrators -> Uncheck the smart cover -> Try uninstall app Funny when reviewing...[Read More]

Nexus4 Leather Wallet Case. Review.

  Wallet Leather Case for LG Nexus 4 E960 – Black High quality leather wallet stand case, provide all-around protection for your LG Nexus 4 E960. • Elegant and stylish • Internal pockets for cards and cash • Integrated hard case protects against scratches and damage • Easy access to all functions and ports In use This leather case certainly has the looks, it’s practical, offers so...[Read More]

Poetic Borderline Bumper, Review. Nexus4

Technical Details Made of thermoplastic polyurethane Glossy polycarbonate finish with Gray matte edges Black borders around the edges provide great grip Customer built-in volume control buttons Access to all ports, speakers and mic.     So I got my Nexus 4 the second time they came available on Google Play.(UK) Couldn’t get the official bumper though. Sold out!  What to do? So I hit Ama...[Read More]

Incipio Fixie Universal Tablet Stand, Review.

Built from Aircraft Grade Aluminium, with 4 different viewing angles. This a very good stand for your 7 inch tablet or E-Reader. I have only one issue but I`ll leave that until the very end. The different viewing modes are.. Type     (Obviously for typing. It’s at a great angle,  Nice and comfortable. Zero issues) View     (I’ve been using this angle the most and set up a keyboard and ...[Read More]

Pudding Monsters Review

Pudding Monsters Review As Cut the rope is one of my most played games on my phone, I was happy to see that ZeptoLab had released a brand new game. Pudding Monsters takes all the personality of Cut the Rope and mixes it with HD graphics and of course, ZeptoLab’s brain bending puzzles that will have you playing for hours. I have heard this plays similar to another popular game called Quell, where y...[Read More]

Targus A7 Sleeve – 7″ Tablet – Review

Targus A7 Sleeve – 7″ Tablet – Review When I got my Nexus 7, my first thought was to just throw it in my bag and take it everywhere with me. When I looked in my bag and I found keys, water bottle etc, this raised concerns for me and I made a decision to get a sleeve to protect it. I had a look around and really couldn’t find any good sleeves, so my man Ste got me a sleeve f...[Read More]

Full Auto Brightness Control with Velis Auto Brightness App

Full Auto Brightness Control with Velis Auto Brightness App – There are various ways to change the auto brightness on your Android device, these normally involve flashing patches or mods onto a rooted device. This is common practice for lowering the auto brightness brightness levels to conserve battery or increasing the brightness to enjoy your display more. But now from XDA developer velis7...[Read More]

HTC One X Black Quicksand Case

HTC One X Black Quicksand Case – I was very excited to receive my new GadgetWear HTC One X case in the post today. Materials This is made from an extra strong high-quality polycarbonate, which makes the case hard to bend or break. This doesn’t feel like cheap plastic and is designed to not scratch the phone or obscure the flash. The matt texture means no finger marks appear on it and i...[Read More]

Maluuba Review

With the recent launch of the iPhone 5,  Apple added a more advanced version of their virtual assistant Siri. In the Android world Google Now was introduced with Jelly Bean and still is  the best for its reliability, accurate answers and speed. But one app doing the rounds is Maluuba which seems to top both Siri and Google Now. Maluuba is a new voice activated virtual assistant that uses a metro s...[Read More]

Rayman Jungle Run Review

  I, like many others, was pressing F5 on the Play Store waiting for Rayman Jungle Run to be released. The date came and we were told it was delayed, now that it has been released I was wondering if its worth the price of £2. When I started playing this game I was surprised by the high level of design. None of the level are that long, but I guarantee that they can be a genuine challenge to be...[Read More]