Full Auto Brightness Control with Velis Auto Brightness App

Full Auto Brightness Control with Velis Auto Brightness App – There are various ways to change the auto brightness on your Android device, these normally involve flashing patches or mods onto a rooted device. This is common practice for lowering the auto brightness brightness levels to conserve battery or increasing the brightness to enjoy your display more. But now from XDA developer velis7...[Read More]

HTC One X Black Quicksand Case

HTC One X Black Quicksand Case – I was very excited to receive my new GadgetWear HTC One X case in the post today. Materials This is made from an extra strong high-quality polycarbonate, which makes the case hard to bend or break. This doesn’t feel like cheap plastic and is designed to not scratch the phone or obscure the flash. The matt texture means no finger marks appear on it and i...[Read More]

Maluuba Review

With the recent launch of the iPhone 5,  Apple added a more advanced version of their virtual assistant Siri. In the Android world Google Now was introduced with Jelly Bean and still is  the best for its reliability, accurate answers and speed. But one app doing the rounds is Maluuba which seems to top both Siri and Google Now. Maluuba is a new voice activated virtual assistant that uses a metro s...[Read More]

Rayman Jungle Run Review

  I, like many others, was pressing F5 on the Play Store waiting for Rayman Jungle Run to be released. The date came and we were told it was delayed, now that it has been released I was wondering if its worth the price of £2. When I started playing this game I was surprised by the high level of design. None of the level are that long, but I guarantee that they can be a genuine challenge to be...[Read More]

Virtuous Widgets

Its always a good thing to see, when a XDA group branch out into mainstream releases. I have always been one to avoid custom lock screen apps, as they are affected by the phones performance and can lag or not work. The app is very simple to set up, you simply select the lock screen from the long Sense list and then hit Settings. The app offers the instructions on the first screen so there is no co...[Read More]

Critter Escape!

This game was bought to my attention by fellow DroidHorizon contributor Dave McDaniel. It originally came out as an Amazon exclusive, but is now officially available at the Play Store. You control a small “Despicable Me” minion type character who’s kidnapped by an evil corporation for testing purposes. The game is to guide him out of the labs, using stealth tactics and powerups.  ...[Read More]

Feedly – Snappy News Reader With Gestures & Offline Reading

I was always a fan of Flipboard, but as I get over a thousand articles a day on my Google Reader, it was a chore to navigate and mark as read etc.   As I was looking I found Feedly, which had coincidently just been updated. I had never used Feedly before but I’m told the update totally revamped the UI and added many new features. Besides the much more intuitive UI, the app now supports real-...[Read More]

Airbag Frank 3D

  Airbag Frank 3D is a free game for Android which tells the story of Frank, who with the help of a large rubber band and a slingshot, flies through the air to collect coins. Your coins can then be used to purchase upgrades, items, and skins. If you feel Frank is falling down too quickly you have to ability to use jetpacks, fruit and veg to keep him up in the air for longer. Longer air time m...[Read More]