Cubes vs Spheres Review

Cubes vs Spheres Review You ever had the kind of day when you keep being attacked by cubes? In Cubes vs. Sp…. you can show them who’s boss by firing powerful spheres at them. The game comes packed with 6 different powered spheres, 40 levels, 37 achievements, and so many cubes I lost count. Cubes vs. Spheres can be controlled by either the accelerometer or touch screen. To break it down...[Read More]

Tiny Troopers

Played on Google Nexus 7 running stock 4.1.2 Graphics Pretty decent but not groundbreaking in any sense. Looks clear,colours look sharp and no jagged edges makes this title easy enough on the eye but no wow factor in the graphics department. Absolutely no problems with rendering or dropped frames, that I can see. I think 😉   Performance Tiny Troopers plays very well on my Nexus7. Haven’...[Read More]

Major Mayhem – Cover-Based Shooting In A 2D World

I’ve always known Adult Swim as the maker of Robot Unicorn and some great television, but I didn’t even realise they have branched off into Android gaming. The latest entry is Major Mayhem, a 2D gallery shooter (with 3D graphics) whose game play is a mix of Time Crisis and Metal Slug. The game has Major Mayhem roaming through side-scrolling environments, with the player controlling his...[Read More]