Review: IceTek 10″ LED Ring Light with Tripod Stands

Content creators now use LED ring lights to add a professional touch to their photos and videos. Known for lighting the subject evenly, you’ve probably noticed the attractive light ring reflection in the eyes of many YouTubers. Today we’re taking a look at an inexpensive 10″ model from IceTek that comes with both full-sized and table-top tripod stands. Inside the box you get the ...[Read More]

Review: Ring Video Doorbell from ring.com

Review: Ring Video Doorbell from ring.com The doorbell goes, you’re eating a chinese and Doctor Who is on, what are you going to do? Well now I can check my phone and see exactly who it is and even talk to them. All thanks to the Video Doorbell from ring.com. This nifty piece of kit was an absolute breeze to setup, and now I can see who is at the door, and even people who have been near my d...[Read More]