Things You Need to Do Before You Sell Your Mac

Selling your Mac laptop can be quite liberating, making room for new technology and some extra cash in your pocket. But, hold your horses, because before you hand over your device, it’s crucial to take a few key steps to protect your data and ensure a smooth transition for both you and the future owner. Here are some essential tasks you should complete: Create a Backup of Your Data Make sure...[Read More]

New Poll – Would you buy a Motorola now that they will be a Lenovo company?

Would you buy a Motorola now that they will be a Lenovo company?   It’s nearly a week since the news broke that Google are selling Motorola to the Chinese manufacturing giants Lenovo. Lots of people got their pants in a twist, crying it’s an outrage! It was widely reported that even some “fan boys” were returning their Moto Xs because of the sale. You might call me cyn...[Read More]

Swappa Launches A UK Marketplace

You may be aware of the phone and tablet site that was only available in the United States but very recently, within the last couple of days it’s now available in the UK.  A place to buy and sell gently used Android devices with no Ebay fees just a standard charge that is already added to the asking price. A no nonsense,  completely open and fair way to sell your old phones and tablets. Pers...[Read More]