D-Link Announces New Range of mydlink Products

D-Link showcases new smart home devices and mydlink app features at CES 2019 Global networking company D-Link today presented their latest mydlink smart home devices and announced new features of the mydlink app at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new and improved mydlink ecosystem includes new cameras and smart plugs that work with the Google Assistant and Alexa, making life easier...[Read More]

RISER PRO: Smart Route Calculation for Motorcyclists

A premium membership is now available for the RISER app. RISER PRO features intelligent functions for enhanced riding pleasure.   “Sometimes it’s not important where you go, but how you get there.” Under this motto, the Vienna-based start-up RISER has now launched RISER PRO, a premium membership and essential motorcycling-companion. The basic version has also been expanded a...[Read More]

WiZ Announces Lifestyle Smart Lights Feature with New Scheduled Presets at CES 2018

Add even greater utility, while enhancing health and wellbeing, with up to five automatic and adjustable lighting modes based on time of day, location and more   WiZ Connected Light, the leading innovator of smart lighting technology, today announced a new Scheduled Presets function. It enables your smart lights to know your regular activity level throughout the day and night, automatically p...[Read More]

How To Control Your Smart Gadgets With A Home Weather Station

We live in a time where technology has integrated itself into almost every single part of our lives: from the way we communicate and interact with each other to the way we run our homes. When used in conjunction with IFTTT aka If This Then That, home weather station allows homeowners to activate appliances and systems within their homes to adapt to changing weather conditions.      ...[Read More]

How to Keep Burglars Away the Smart Way

  Congratulations! You’ve got your lovely new house, and your lovely new electronics, laid out just the way you want them. Unfortunately, lovely new houses with lovely new electronics could be a prime target for burglars, who often prey on those new to a neighbourhood who might not yet have their guard up. You could always put bars on the windows and reinforce your doors, but you really want ...[Read More]

Smart Home Market: Industry Expansion Directly Related to Rising Internet Penetration Worldwide

As per Transparency Market Research (TMR), the degree of competition witnessed in the smart home market will remain medium in the long term. A new study by TMR, have held the concentration of industries in the global smart home market responsible for the prevailing competitive forces. While it makes consolidation of shares a challenge for the manufacturers, it definitely does not shy them away fro...[Read More]

Ekster Smart Wallet Review

Ekster Smart Wallet Review Wallets are the most common item to carry around after our phones, so it makes sense, that they would be getting smarter. The Ekster Wallet from is one such smart wallet, starting out being 100% funded in under 20 hours, raising over $75,000. The Ekster comes in two flavours the Senate and the bigger Parliament. The Senate is a cardholder for the minima...[Read More]

The Good Air Guru Foobot Review

The Good Air Guru Foobot Review The foobot is not something I would think, I would have in my house. It’s a smart home device that detects indoor air pollution. Foobot is a great looking gadget that looks smooth and cool, while tracking the quality of air in your home. The foobot setup took around 3 minutes to do, as it was run through the app, and turning the Foobot upside down. It allowed ...[Read More]

Review: Elephone W2 SmartWatch

When you think of a smartwatch you think of an extension of your mobile phone, an extra screen on your wrist that you can use to control the computer in your pocket. A high resolution companion with access to all the apps and functions you have at your disposal. Elephone have taken a different route with their W2 device, instead choosing to follow first generation devices like Martian. The W2 is a...[Read More]

Smartphone Giants Continue Investment in Virtual Reality Devices

A recent report published on Research and Markets has predicted that the virtual reality market will reach a value of $15.89 billion by 2020, with smartphone penetration expected to build a huge market for mobile gamers. Following in the footsteps of HTC & Samsung, news broke this week that Google were developing their own virtual-reality headset for smartphones.   The new headset will fe...[Read More]

Noke The Smart Bluetooth Padlock Review

Noke The Smart Bluetooth Padlock The Noke (No-Key) is a padlock with a massive difference, utilising Bluetooth technology, you can unlock the Noke via your phone and without the need for a key. Coming in at just under £60, it isn’t the cheapest padlock out there, but it is one of the coolest smartest padlocks I’ve seen. The Noke actually a rather cool looking padlock, it comes in silve...[Read More]

Review: Sengled Pulse Smartbulbs

In our latest Lifestyle Accessory review, we take a look at the Sengled Pulse Smartbulbs In the age of the Internet of Things, everything is connected to make our devices smarter, better and maybe more cost efficient. Smartbulbs have been round for a few years now and we’ve reviewed the best here on DroidHorizon. In this particular piece, we’re taking a look at the Sengled Pulse duo pa...[Read More]