5 Things You Need to Know If You Are Becoming a Software Engineer

There is no denying that the software industry has seen a boom in the past couple of decades, as no other industry has ever seen. The job opportunities this industry has created are enormous. It is the reason that many youngsters all around the globe are choosing software engineering as their majors. However, there are many things that you must know if you want to become a successful software engi...[Read More]

[Editorial] The Huawei Without Google Experience

Undoubtedly the current trade ban that the United States placed on Huawei (and by extension, their subsidiary company Honor) has had the biggest impact on their global smartphone business. Including industry leading technology in their handsets may no longer be enough to excel in a western market that relies heavily on Google apps and services that they aren’t permitted to include. Huawei ha...[Read More]

Gaming smartphones – The Best Ones To Buy in 2019

    Playing games on our mobile phones is not a new thing. However, today, most android games are more hardcore and need better than standard phones to play such games and have a better experience. This is why, over the recent past, smartphone manufacturers have released special smartphones for playing games. They are not for playing simple games such as Candy Crush but are for a graphic...[Read More]

Simplify Your Business by Automating Appointment Reminders

Simplify Your Business by Automating Appointment Reminders If you work in admin for a business that handles a large number of appointments, you appreciate how hectic managing them can be. Practices like medical and dental practices, spas, and other establishments that use appointments need an efficient way to remind their customers of impending appointments because doing things manually is very te...[Read More]

Best hardware and software for streaming media to your TV

2016 has seen plenty of fascinating products and software released that aims to make streaming media from our mobile to our televisions a lot easier. Although there have been many efforts that have sought to help us watch YouTube videos and play online games via our television sets, they’ve often suffered from having confusing interfaces and connectivity issues that have led many people to spend m...[Read More]

New Poll – What’s a sensible time frame to expect a device software update?

 What’s a sensible time frame to expect a device software update? Without getting into a mud flinging match with manufactures and carriers, this week we’d genuinely be interested to see what our readers think about software updates.  Personally I prefer to buy Nexus devices and have my update the day it releases from Google. I take all the sacrifices that brings in different parts of t...[Read More]

Software Data Cable – Review

  Software Data Cable – Review In this world of wireless internet, bluetooth audio and the increasing popularity of wireless charging, having to connect your phone to your PC by a USB cable just to copy a few files can’t be right. You’ll need to have a cable at hand, and if your PC happens to run Linux then you’re in for a huge headache. Sure there are cloud solutions ...[Read More]