Solo Crosby Backpack Review

Solo Crosby Backpack Review isn’t a company I have heard about, but I loved the look of their Crosby Backpack. This backpack is for the tech obsessed commuter, who needs space for their laptop, tablet and protection for their more valuable tech. I was impressed by the initial look of the Crosby Backpack, I had been sent the black colour, and it looked cool and professional. It’s a s...[Read More]

Review: TYLT VU SOLO Qi charger

Review: TYLT VU SOLO Qi charger As I should be getting my S6 Edge anytime now, a new world of wireless charging has opened up for me. As a HTC user, I was always jealous that I couldn’t get my hands on some of these great products. I was amazed by the vast range of chargers you can get from any number of manufacturers in every shape, size, style and quality level. But in this never ending su...[Read More]