Galaxy S7 Edge Case Crystal Shell from Spigen Review

Galaxy S7 Edge Case Crystal Shell from Spigen Review To finish of my review of S7 Edge cases. I take a look at an offering from Spigen, this is their Crystal Shell case for the S7 Edge. The Crystal Case from Spigen, is (as its same suggests) a clear single layer case for the S7 Edge. Installation was easy, it’s not a bendable case, so almost clips into place. Once on, there was very little b...[Read More]

HTC M8 Slim Armor Case – Review

HTC One (M8) Case Slim Armor – Review After the GreatShield I thought I would try a case with slightly less bulk for my M8. I went for a case from Spigen who I hadn’t heard of. The Slim Armor looks fantastic, it’s got a slightly more premium feel to it, and feels very suited to the M8. The case uses the two part method to its application. It’s double layered with a TPU case...[Read More]

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid, Nexus 5 – Review

  Purchasing a case or cover for your brand new device can be a potential minefield. Do you go for something with max protection that adds bulk. Or do you prefer something that’s light, subtle or barely there. I’d say most people would prefer a balance between the two. The Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Nexus 5 offers a middle ground. Superior protection without taking away the device&...[Read More]