Review: Toast Solid Walnut Universal Tablet Stand

American company Toast Inc. have distinctive wood and leather accessories for your gadgets that add a more natural feel than the usual materials like plastics and metals. Today we take a look at their Universal Tablet Stand that’s cut from a solid block of walnut. This stand comes packaged inside a small zip-lock style bag along with instructions and adhesive spacer strips. It has a simple d...[Read More]

Review: IceTek 10″ LED Ring Light with Tripod Stands

Content creators now use LED ring lights to add a professional touch to their photos and videos. Known for lighting the subject evenly, you’ve probably noticed the attractive light ring reflection in the eyes of many YouTubers. Today we’re taking a look at an inexpensive 10″ model from IceTek that comes with both full-sized and table-top tripod stands. Inside the box you get the ...[Read More]

Review: EC Technology Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Stand

While software keyboard improvements have made typing on a touchscreen much more agreeable, if you’ve lots to typing to do then it’s still hard to beat the physical keys of a hardware keyboard. However phones and tablets are portable devices so you won’t want to carry around anything too bulky either. This little keyboard gives you proper chiclet style keys in an ultra-portable design which folds ...[Read More]

Neo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand from Ergotron

Neo-Flex Notebook Lift Stand from Ergotron I use a laptop at work and would just have it on a box in order to get it to the right height. This wasn’t safe or practical, so decided to look into an ergonomic, easy to maneuver laptop stand. The best known supplier of solutions such as this is the company Ergotron, who I reviewed a while back. Because of its low price, I was really interested in...[Read More]

Review: Luxebell Tablet Stand

Tablets can be great for watching videos, but holding them for extended periods or propping them up at just the right angle can be a real pain. What you really need is a good adjustable stand that will hold your tablet up for you at whatever angle you choose. Unlike a lot of the plastic solutions available, this stand from Luxebell is made from sturdy aluminium which gives it a reassuring weight. ...[Read More]

Review: GripSnap The Flexible Magnetic Stand

Review: GripSnap The Flexible Magnetic Stand One question has plagued me since the creation of the selfie stick, “What if I want to do jazz hands, when taking a photo?”. Its a big important question, as selfie sticks always take up an arm and a hand. This is what gravitated me towards GripSnap. GripSnap is a portable, flexible monopod designed for GoPros and smartphones. Sounds normal ...[Read More]

Review: All-Dock Charging Stand

Review: All-Dock Charging Stand If you have a lot of device, you probably have them sticking out of every spare plug in the house. I love the idea of having a central hub where all devices can go and charge together in harmony. The All-Dock provides a great solution, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time. The All-Dock is essentially a hollow box that conceals your USB charging c...[Read More]

Review: Plinth

Plinth Tablet Stand   In the past I have had a few tablet stands in the forms of; cases, simple cut out bits of plastic and even Popobe Teddy Bear stands. I had never heard of Plinth before but I was sent a review unit having completely missed its initial kickstarter campaign. John Bull spent two years designing his Plinth tablet stand before taking it to the online crowd fund sourcing websit...[Read More]

GripSnap – Kickstarter

GripSnap – Kickstarter If you are like me and tired of having to angle the phone just right to take a good photo, or seeing how far you can reach your arm out to get everyone in, then the GripSnap will solve all your woes. Selfies will never look like selfies again. You can use it to take pictures with your smartphone or GoPro anywhere you are! This portable monopod works with any smartphone...[Read More]

Cozybot Desktop Smartphone Holder

Here at Droid Horizon we pride ourselves in our honest, unbiased reviews. All traces of brand loyalty are put aside and we review each item for what it is, not what label it carries. However deep deep down, in every single one of our reviewer’s hearts lies a secret love. Even though sometimes our subconscious betrays us and leaves subtle hints here and there (such as the name of the site and...[Read More]

MONTAR Universal Car Mount Review

The MONTAR universal car mount from WinnerGear is marketed as the world’s best car holder, with it’s U.S. patented suction cup capable of holding devices up to a 5.3″ screen size and 3.5kg weight.   Build Quality & Design On opening the box you find the MONTAR plus a 3M sticker for attaching to breathable surfaces that don’t work well with suction.  The MONTAR is m...[Read More]

Breffo Spiderpodium Review

The Spiderpodium is marketed as a universal, multi-purpose, gadget grip, holster, dock and display podium that is compatible with all compact handheld devices.  While unlikely to trigger arachnaphobia, with it’s 8 bendable segmented legs the black review unit certainly resembles a spider.  There are 8 different colours available (including the glow-in-the-dark camping version), so you can tr...[Read More]

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