Review: VIVID E-liquid Starter Kit

In our latest Vaping review, we take a look at the VIVID E-liquid Starter Kit   We were sent the VIVID Starter Kit for review by the company themselves, although we usually review accessories, speakers and headphones. We thought this particular product would be suitable for our average readers. If we’re honest, this style of e-cigarette is likely aimed at the person thinking about givin...[Read More]

Bean&Gone seeks crowdfunding for app that encourages parents to share screen time with their children.

Two Dads from the UK are developing a series of digital adventure stories for 3-7 year olds, with the aim of encouraging parents to spend time with their children and share the experience together. Designer Dan Clemo and Digital Developer Jason Veal have been working on the Bean&Gone™ stories and adventures for over two years and launch a campaign on global crowdfunding site Kickstarter on the...[Read More]

A quick look at the Popcord

A quick look at the Popcord Popcord started life on Kickstarter and will soon be shipping out to customers. Its a great little piece of kit, allowing you to always have a USB cable handy when you’re in a pinch. Unlike a lot of similar products I really like how distinctly elegant it looks. It has such a clean design and matches up with a lot of mobile phones, so much you would think they wer...[Read More]