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Roku Streaming Stick+ Review

Roku Streaming Stick+ Review I have finally crossed the line and gotten Netflix. But not just Netflix, 4K Netflix, for my big 4K TV. So I thought it best to get a 4K streaming stick to get them all working together. One such device is the the new Roku Streaming Stick+. Now I have enough 4K content to binge on till next Christmas. The streaming stick is the size of a USB drive, so the form factor i...[Read More]

Review: The Streaming Stick from Roku

Review: The Streaming Stick from Roku Roku are a big name in the entertainment industry. Their Roku boxes are incredibly popular and have always made a big impression. I will be looking at their already established Roku Streaming Stick. It has been out for a while already, but with the holidays coming up and streaming sticks being more popular than ever, I thought it’d be good to look at thi...[Read More]