Vype iSwitch & iSwitch Maxx

  In our latest review, we’re going to take a look at the iSwitch and iSwitch Maxx from Vype. You’ll remember we took a look previously at the hugely popular ePen 3 which won awards and our reviewer was certainly impressed also. I used vaping as a nicotine replacement over three years ago, if this device was available then, I’d have found it even easier to quit smoking. Toda...[Read More]

PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller for Switch Review

PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller for Switch Review With Super Smash Bros Ultimate being one of the best games for 2018, we all need the best advantage when playing. PowerA has heard our calls and made their version of the original Gamecube controller. There are some sacrifices, but the pros outweigh them. It comes with all the buttons that any official Nintendo Switch controller comes with. Eve...[Read More]

Gamesir VX review

Gamesir VX review Ever wanted an edge over other console players? Well, this is where the new GameSir: VX AimSwitch comes in. This keypad and mouse set brings PC control to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in a compact and completely compatible package. The gamepad features all the regular left-side keyboard keys, including F1-F5, WASD, Shift, Alt, Tab, and spacebar, all using 38 TTC red key swi...[Read More]

Venom Switch Joy-Con Quad Charging Station Review

Venom Switch Joy-Con Quad Charging Station Review I have been using my Switch since launch, mainly with the joycons. Yes, the pro controller is nice, but nothing beats aiming a bow with motion controls in one hand and moving Link backwards and forwards with the other in BOTW. Amazingly intuitive. The downside of this is that for TV rather than handheld gamers, you have to reach down to the Switch ...[Read More]

Top 3 Game Consoles to Spend Your Money on

A gamer’s life could be tough, especially in this fast-paced world. It might be a bit confusing which console to buy because there are tons of great options available to choose from. But with thorough research about the product, you will be able to pick one that best suits you. These days, a lot of technological advancements are being developed and it is quite difficult to keep up sometimes. Once ...[Read More]

Padded Dock Cover Made For Nintendo Switch from Active Patch Review

Padded Dock Cover Made For Nintendo Switch from Active Patch Review Having just purchased the Switch I had heard about the dock scratching the screen. The recommended remedy was a screen cover, but I tend to not like them that much. So I decided to reach out to Active Patch, who make padded covers for the Switch Dock. They come in a variety of colours and designs, and apart from protecting the Swi...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch First Time Buyer

Nintendo Switch First Time Buyer In my research before buying a Switch, I read a lot of posts and watched all the brightly coloured videos. But after getting it, I found there were things that I couldn’t find mentioned. So here are some little key points I have noticed: 1. Eshop The eShop may be convenient, but can be more expensive than say Amazon. At the time of writing (12/04/2018): Mario...[Read More]

LG Display Flicks Switch on OLED in Europe, Targets Premium TV Market

Europe offers the optimal conditions for OLED expansion, given that it has a high acceptance rate of new technologies and a high premium market portion in all industries. LG Display is committed to maximizing the expansion of the global large scale OLED within the next two years.     Speaking at the company’s first Europe OLED Day symposium in Munich; Attendees were given a rare lo...[Read More]