(Editorial) Why Microsoft Office Still Is The Best For Students

Microsoft made its way into our hearts and homes and it has stuck as the most used operating system in the world and its products including Microsoft office are the most used for day-to-day computer use.  Over the years, Microsoft has evolved from versions like Vista to the now more recent windows 10, and Office has not been left behind. There are various versions of Microsoft office to choose fro...[Read More]

Headline findings from the November smartphone survey UK

Fancy features – at what cost? Smartphones have evolved so much in recent years that the latest handsets are not necessarily needed in order to take advantage of the most popular features and functions. So, it’s worth thinking about whether forking out for the latest “flagship” is worth it. It could be that a mid-range, or an even older model, would meet your needs and save you money. ...[Read More]

The Best Accessories For A Mobile Gamer

Despite the many advantages and conveniences that come with the mobile platform, when it comes to hardcore gamers, things can get a little redundant. If you’re a mobile gamer still pushing around characters with your two, bare, unassisted thumbs, you’re probably growing sick of it. What you need are accessories, add-ons that can enhance the mobile gaming experience in not only gameplay, but versat...[Read More]

The RAVPower Qi Charger – Review

The RAVPower Qi Charger – Review The growth of Qi wireless charging as a standard has been extremely slow, and not the big thing I thought it was going to be. But it is growing and as the number of devices that are compatible increase, so does the number of accessories built to accommodate this. Google of course sells its own Nexus Wireless Charger, but a handful of manufacturers are popping...[Read More]

New Poll – Are you willing to “Smash The Past?”

 “Smash The Past?” It’s nearly impossible that anyone missed the launch of the One Plus One. The company certainly used their social media networks well running up to launch, leaking tiny snippets of information at a time and getting everyone excited and wanting more. Well, it has launched, kinda, but you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to get the Flagship Killer of 201...[Read More]

Remember The Umbrella – Review

 Remember The Umbrella – Review Is it going to rain today? Should you grab your umbrella? With Remember The Umbrella, you don’t have to guess. Remember The Umbrella is an application that notifies you at a pre-set time what the weather is like. The app sticks to Google’s guidelines through-out. More the design of the application that attracted me at first, then, when in use, I ac...[Read More]

Save The Snail – Review

Save The Snail Snails. Whether you consider them to be garden pests or french delicacies, they could never be considered one of natures hardiest creatures. They may look down on their slug cousins for their lack of a protective shell, but how much protection does that shell actually give in a world with birds, salt and Dr. Martin boots?     And so we must save the snails in this physics ...[Read More]