Review: iBlockCube Nimble 35W USB-C Travel Adapter

Keeping your gadgets charged up can be a challenge, but never more so than when you’re travelling. When going to a hotel for the first time you’ve no idea how many wall sockets there’ll be or where they’ll be located. Plus having to pack multiple chargers and travel adapters can be a real hassle. Nimble is the new solution from iBlockCube – combining a compact travel adapte...[Read More]

The Top 3 Bluetooth Headphones For Travelling In 2017

If you’re planning a long road-trip or a trip overseas, here’s one advice that you should never ignore: do not board a plane or train without your headphones. This is true especially if you are travelling alone. But then, you won’t really spend a 14-hour flight talking to your companion.     In the moments when you find yourself bored, that’s when you can catch up on that album you’ve be...[Read More]

Review: aLLreLi Dual USB Charger Kit with LCD Display

We’ve done quite a few reviews of different charging solutions here on Droid Horizon, including a few very similar items such as the iClever 6-Port charger, the RAVPower 4-Port charger and the Easy Acc 4 port charger, but this aLLreLi Dual USB charger is the only one that comes with a digital LCD display. This display provides you with critical information about the phone and cables you are ...[Read More]

Save money on these large battery phones

  Save money on these large battery phones   We have teamed up with to offer special price discounts on selected phones, tablets and accessories. This time we’re featuring phones with large battery capacity. Perfect for travelling, you can use these devices all day to share your photos on Facebook or Google Plus and not have to worry about being far from a charging point.  T...[Read More]

Top 20 Android Apps for Travelling

Whether you’re a businessman who travels frequently or you’re just planning your next family vacation, your smartphone can really improve your overall travel experience. From booking hotel rooms and flights to packing and exchanging currency, and even finding an authentic restaurant, we have come up with a list of the best Android apps that not only will change the way you’re tra...[Read More]