How to Ensure HIPAA Compliance Using AWS

While AWS provides customers with infrastructure that can be configured in a AWS HIPAA compliance manner, it is up to your team to setup security measures and manage HIPAA regulations in the cloud. Many organizations ask the question of how to ensure HIPAA compliance in Amazon Web Services. AWS provides many of the resources needed for complying with HIPAA. Your team must figure out how to  secure...[Read More]

Make Your Dream Score in Cisco 300-415 Exam a Reality Using Reliable Exam Dumps

  To stay up to date with the recent changes in modern technology, you must constantly upgrade your skills to a completely new level that corresponds to the rapidly developing demands of the IT industry. ‘But how can I do that?’ you may inquire. Well, the answer, of course, is Cisco! This globally recognized vendor of IT certifications and exams is sure to equip you with the required knowledg...[Read More]

How SMBs are Using Craigslist for Marketing

Since it was launched in 1995, Craigslist has been the go-to site for classifieds. Even today, the site gets thousands of users and more new ads per day than ever. It’s popularity is a testament to how effective Craigslist listings still are. Craigslist isn’t for everyone, but it does offer something for users and businesses alike. In fact, Craigslist marketing is a part of a digital marketing str...[Read More]

How to make money using Bitcoin

For the past ten years, Bitcoin has made a name for itself in the world of online finance as one of its most valued currency’s.   Valued at roughly $11,671.30, a Bitcoin could be used to make purchases or buying services online, with the idea of transactions being more secured. It is easy to see why something so revolutionary has made profits for people like Jered Kenna, and Charley Shr...[Read More]

4 Tips to Snap Better Photos Using a Mobile Device

Like many other people it is a safe bet that you probably snap quite a number of photos using your smartphone or tablet. That being said many people still believe that it still takes a ‘proper’ camera to snap great-looking photos – which isn’t actually true. Generally mobile devices nowadays come with great cameras, and all you need to do to take advantage of them properly is follow these tips: Ma...[Read More]

How to guarantee virtual security using VPN services. Additional options modern apps provide.

VPN Services: Security Accreditation Do you remember those times when only a few men had an access to the World Wide Web? No antivirus apps or firewalls. We could freely browse through Internet without worrying about our security. What do we have now? A load of virtual viruses that keep growing, and a huge army of Internet hackers that hunt our credentials.   Data protection Let us look close...[Read More]