OnePlus announces a virtual concert hosted in a real-life Igloo made of OnePlus phones

A first-of-its-kind experience to encourage community across the world to reunite virtually through music in an Igloo!   OnePlus announced an interactive Igloo Concert powered by their devices, which will be hosted in Denmark and livestreamed on OnePlus social channels during the first week of December 2020. Given its strong understanding of how the power of technology encourages deep and mea...[Read More]

HONOR’s got your gift needs covered this virtual Father’s Day

Struggling with what to get your Dad this Father’s Day? Struggle no more. Global technology brand HONOR has got you covered with its newly launched one-stop-tech-shop, featuring a whole array of father friendly buys. And, with Father’s Day looking a little different this year, you can celebrate your dad from a-far with products designed to keep you connected on his special day, as well...[Read More]

Gaming? The working class man’s virtual sanctuary

Some people would say that gaming is in crisis these days…but is this just some sort of paranoia lurking in the back of their skulls, or rather, do they have the right to say such a thing? You have to know just how big of a statement this is. If you want to dance on the grave of a big “something,” then you better come through with the right facts, or you might as well give up you...[Read More]

Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience

Following the success of Netflix’s hit docu-drama, Manhunt: Unabomber, Vive Studios has teamed up with Immersion and the Newseum to launch Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience, now available on Viveport.     Originally shown in the Newseum, Unabomber: The Virtual Reality Experience allows users to join the FBI Task Force in charge of investigating one of the most challenging domesti...[Read More]

How to guarantee virtual security using VPN services. Additional options modern apps provide.

VPN Services: Security Accreditation Do you remember those times when only a few men had an access to the World Wide Web? No antivirus apps or firewalls. We could freely browse through Internet without worrying about our security. What do we have now? A load of virtual viruses that keep growing, and a huge army of Internet hackers that hunt our credentials.   Data protection Let us look close...[Read More]

Review: TechElec VR headset

TechElec offers a variety of products, which includes a VR headset. With this new offering that ties into mobile handsets getting a lot of buzz and PR lately, it’s not surprising in the least to see these headsets pop up all over the web. This one has some flaws to it, as well as some good ideas, so it’s a mixed bag at best. The unit is comprised of hard plastic and elastic straps that...[Read More]

Liquid Sky, the desktop in your pocket

A long, long time and many moons ago a cloud gaming service launched called On-Live. It promised to bring PC gaming directly to your Android device and for a little while the community and blogs all thought it was the bee’s knees. Sadly it proved to be an unsustainable business model and the company was sold to Sony and effectively died. You might find it strange then, that a another company is at...[Read More]

Enterprises Prepare for Tidal Wave of New AR and VR Apps

As new augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) devices flood the market, ABI Research predicts enterprises will need to prepare for a tidal wave of new enterprise applications as the industry shifts its focus to the corporate and gaming verticals. AR usage in enterprise is on the rise, with smart glasses for gaming forecast to grow by 82% through 2021; VR will see similar crossover into enterpri...[Read More]

Review: VR Box virtual reality headset

In doing reviews, it’s out job to try out products to see if they are worth while, especially for their asking price. I like to think of them as fitting (more or less) into three strata, with each labelled respectively as the “Good”, the “Bad”, and the “Ugly”. I”ve dealt with products that slot into usually good or bad. This one slots into all three....[Read More]

Microgaming and virtual reality: The state of play

Microgaming created the first ever online casino gaming platform in 1994, and are always at the forefront of new advances in gaming. They have adapted to changing technological landscapes in recent years and, four months ago at ICE (International Casino Expo) Totally Gaming, demonstrated that they have big plans for virtual reality. How far on are plans for these new VR casino games, and what gami...[Read More]

(News) Virtual Reality Heading to Harrods with HTC Vive

HTC partners with Harrods to bring VR system, HTC Vive to Harrods Technology store from April 2016   From today, Vive will be available for hands-on demonstrations and pre-orders in the Harrods Technology department, on the Third Floor of the prestigious department store on Brompton Road. The 20,000sqft space offers a premium selection of consumer technology categories including home computin...[Read More]

Smartphone Giants Continue Investment in Virtual Reality Devices

A recent report published on Research and Markets has predicted that the virtual reality market will reach a value of $15.89 billion by 2020, with smartphone penetration expected to build a huge market for mobile gamers. Following in the footsteps of HTC & Samsung, news broke this week that Google were developing their own virtual-reality headset for smartphones.   The new headset will fe...[Read More]

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