How to Secure Your Network

Every step of evolution comes with its own set of pros and cons, and security is no different. Network security has improved so much the past two decades, but in no way is any network invincible. And, as many security breaches have shown us, some think that networks secure themselves, with no input needed from the users. While yes, network equipment can up and running in a few minutes, it doesn’t ...[Read More]

NordVPN Review: How to Secure All Your Devices with a VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs use encryption technologies to protect users’ devices from third parties viewing their activity online. If you are using a VPN, all your online activity goes through a virtual encrypted “tunnel.” This makes it impossible for others to know what sites you’re visiting. A virtual private network is an excellent solution for online security, as it keeps your data and p...[Read More]

Best VPN for Android: Surfshark

  If your phone needs protection, you should take a look at Surfshark VPN app for Android. Since Android is the most popular mobile OS in the World, it’s a goldmine for scammers. If you don’t secure your phone, you leave all doors open for tons of possible security threats. VPN, or Virtual Private Network, makes sure your internet activities are encrypted and protected from anyone spying on w...[Read More]

IPVanish Review

IPVanish Review Looking for a good VPN service, is like looking for a nerd at MWC. There are simply too many, and everyone has their own angle. I was drawn to IPVanish as they were more service focused, then trying to get me to sign up for a free trial. They tout themselves as “the world’s fastest VPN”, with 40,000+ shared IPs, 700+ VPN servers in 60+ countries, unlimited P2P tra...[Read More]

Review: Hidester VPN

Accessing the internet through a VPN service has a number of advantages including protecting your privacy and letting you access location restricted content. Hidester VPN is a relatively new Hong Kong based service which I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate over the past few weeks. Software Once you’ve signed up for your account you’ll need to install the Hidester VPN app on your...[Read More]

How to guarantee virtual security using VPN services. Additional options modern apps provide.

VPN Services: Security Accreditation Do you remember those times when only a few men had an access to the World Wide Web? No antivirus apps or firewalls. We could freely browse through Internet without worrying about our security. What do we have now? A load of virtual viruses that keep growing, and a huge army of Internet hackers that hunt our credentials.   Data protection Let us look close...[Read More]

Review: Rocket VPN app

Released by Liquidum Limited, Rocket VPN is an app that enables use of a Virtual Private Network. There are a couple of advantages to using VPN, such as having your traffic encrypted while using a public network, or getting around geo-fencing. I’ve spent some time with Rocket VPN, and here is how my experience went. The first things I noticed about the app were the visuals. The app’s i...[Read More]

Anonabox Tor VPN Router Comparison Review

Anonabox Tor VPN Router Comparison Review Anonabox first made a splash with their Original model, it was banned on Kickstarter and then re-appeared on Indiegogo. After being acquired last year, the Anonabox team is hitting back with their new entries in the Anonabox lineup the Pro, Tunneler, and Fawkes. Anonabox partnered with HideMyAss allowing them to provide a custom interface and 30 days of fr...[Read More]