Huawei introduces “Petal Search – Find Apps” Homescreen Widget

Petal Search – Find Apps is a new search widget that helps HMS device owners to seamlessly find the apps, content and news they want. Designed by Huawei and powered by our third party search partners such as Qwant and Yandex, the new tool gives HMS users access and choice in the world of apps in a way they haven’t had before. At Huawei we have always been committed to giving our consumers th...[Read More]

60 Second App Review – Contextual App Folders

In the early days of the Android home screen, widgets were applauded and seen as wonderful things. As time has passed the fashion for multiple home screens dressed out with every kind of widget has waned to the point on a lot of handsets you will be lucky to see a clock widget on its own. So to produce an app that is only a widget might seems a little odd but that’s what C.A.F. (contextual a...[Read More]

Review: Snap Swipe Drawer

For the last week or two, I’ve been using a neat little app called Snap Swipe Drawer. What this app does, is create a duplicate notification shade, that pulls down to show widgets. In my short time spent with the app, it turns out that I really like it (so much for a review that starts with that, huh?). Once I insalled it, I was taken to a simple setup screen. It contained three slides, with...[Read More]

News: DigiCal calendar app gets Material Design revamp

News: DigiCal calendar app gets Material Design revamp In the past few weeks, DigiCal has been rolling out a stage-by-stage redesign of their popular Android calendar app, putting them in the forefront as one of the latest calendars to be decked out in Google’s Material Design. The last stage of their Material Design update is being rolled out today and reveals a complete overhaul of all calendar ...[Read More]

Zooper Widget

One of the best things android has is it’s limits, which as most android users know is your imagination, customization is a huge factor with every single android device from very cheap entry levels to high end break your bank phones. But customization is a vague word in the android community, this can be just simply changing your wallpaper, however it does go a lot deeper, to the core in fac...[Read More]

DigiCal Major Update – Review

DigiCal Major Update – Review As you may know I am a massive fan of DigiCal as you can see in my previous review, here. This is DigiCal’s first major update, which brings in a lot of changes and other goodies. The first change users will notice is the new facelift that has been given to all the widgets. They have also included a range of pre-set widget themes to choose from, the idea b...[Read More]

Badger, Notification Widget- Review

Developer’s description Badger is the widget for unread messages and notifications. Just pick an app and Badger takes care of the rest, adding a small badge with the notification count for that app. Since Badger is a widget, it works on any launcher and with any app that creates notifications!   Setting up Badger is simple: under Settings > Security, grant Badger “Notification ...[Read More]

Edge Clock- Analog Widget – Review

EdgeClock is a simple, modern, dichromatic analog clock widget for those who like to tell time on the edge!  — adj 1. Also: dichroic  having or consisting of only two colours   Either long-press on an empty space on your home screen, or go to the Widgets tab. Select EdgeClock (or EdgeClock Inverted), and resize* to your liking!. As the title suggests, a simple analogue clock widget for your homesc...[Read More]

reClock: Text Clock Widget – Review

reClock™ is the text clock home screen widget that you actually have to read! Attention is in high remand and short supply: quite often we find ourselves missing something or having to double-check. reClock displays the current time in reference to a recent or upcoming time. The result is that you actually have to read and process the text to know what time it is! I know I’ve been guilty of ...[Read More]

Locky Widget – Review

        Locky Widget is a replacement lock screen clock widget that displays your notifications. It allows you to check your notifications without unlocking your device. Locky monitors notifications coming from any app on your device, and displays them on your lock screen.   A solid application, in only it’s initial release stage. Makes me wonder why this hasn’t been thought of before ...[Read More]

Arcus Weather – Review

Arcus will tell you when rain is going to fall within the hour, down to the minute, how long it’ll rain for and how strong the rain will be. “Heavy rain starting in 4 minutes, for the next 35 minutes”. Arcus uses the new Forecast.io (previously Dark Sky) API to get the most accurate, and most current weather information. Bold claims indeed but this app has to be used to be actual...[Read More]

Photo Calendar- Review

A simple and elegant calendar widget that highlights a photo every month. For your own pleasure or as a personal gift for friends and family. My new favourite calendar widget. I even said so on my Google Play review. We recently took a look at something similar just recently and the developer of Photo Calendar contacted me to look a look at his project also. (These things happen and we appreciate ...[Read More]

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