Experience the fascinating world of casino through movies

The casino world can be a fascinating realm to discover – elegant clothes, fancy cocktails and high stakes. It’s understandable why, throughout the years, directors have been excited to offer us, the audience, a glimpse into the casino lifestyle. Today we take a look at our top 10 casino movies of all time – both classical and modern. Check them out to find out what life in Las Vegas, Reno, Monaco...[Read More]

What Does The Fortnite World Cup Mean For The World Of Esports?

Several schoolchildren became instant millionaires thanks to their success at the Fortnite World Cup in New York on Sunday night. Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, a 16-year-old from Pennsylvania, took home a cool $3 million after surging to victory ahead of 99 rivals in the solo tournament. It catapulted him up to 10th in the list of the highest earning esports stars of all time and turned him into an over...[Read More]

World strongest audio jacks from the Netherlands vs current standard

The Dutch startup JackSavior succeeded in convincing headphone brands to implement their 10 times stronger and smaller audio jack into their headphones. However, ordering millions of JackSavior plugs at factories seemed problematic. Audio jacks are made under strict supply agreements, when the order quantity is high. This obliges factories to calculate the exact duration of a production batch, to ...[Read More]

What The Future World Will Look Like With New Tech

New Technology Shaping the Future   The world is always moving forward through new inventions and innovations. As human beings, we are continuously striving to make our life better and to leave a better world for future generations to come. With the progress of science, we can see many innovations today which is sure to improve our life in the future. Here are some of our predictions of how n...[Read More]

The online casino world market is expanding (Editorial)

The online casino world market is expanding all the time. Many countries that did not previously have access to online casino gaming websites are gaining access to them as the regulations in their countries begin to change. This is one of the most lucrative global markets in the world. It is only a matter of time before the global market for online casinos expands so much that it is truly global o...[Read More]

Hisense Announces the “Road Map”: The World’s Leading Laser, LED to QLED

The Dual Color 4K Laser Cast is a highlight of the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017 for Hisense. As a dual illuminant, the Dual Color 4K Laser Cast presents us more abundant and meaningful color level. Brightness of the Dual Color 4K Laser Cast had up to 360 nit, which is comparable with high-end LCD TV. The color gamut rated at 110% NTSC, far better than normal TVs rated at 72% NTSC. Depending o...[Read More]

Microcontrollers – Computers for the Physical World (Editorial)

In the intro to Arduino Microcontrollers, one learns how the platform achieves serial communication between the physical world and the computer. The Arduino microcontrollers uses input from the physical world relying on sensors tend to use this in computer programs, the microcontroller may be used alone, but may solve more complex functions when combining with other platforms. Additionally, progra...[Read More]


Tuxedo, the global payment solutions specialist, has today launched its pioneering ‘Live Load’ payments technology platform.  The platform is set to revolutionise the prepaid card industry by removing its biggest issue: the need to prepay   The platform is based upon a single, partner-issued Visa or MasterCard, which is linked to customers’ existing payment sources via Tuxedo’s own PCIDSS-com...[Read More]

World Chef now available on Google Play

Create and manage your very own high-end restaurant with the launch of free app, World Chef! Recreate high-end dishes, make your own wine and even tend to the special orders of your VIP customers. Social Point, the leading mobile games company and the creator of Dragon City, aims to fulfill the dreams of players around the world who have longed to design, decorate and manage their own restaurant. ...[Read More]

World’s first 48K 360° video with Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony has created a 360˚ video shot entirely on 12x Xperia Z5 Compact devices   Last month Sony headed out to Rise Ski & Snowboard Festival in Grenoble, home to the largest skiable glacier in Europe, with eight of Europe’s best Instagrammers – to see what would happen when the world’s best camera in a smartphone* met Les Deux Alpes. They asked each to stretch Xperia Z5’s camera capability ...[Read More]

Google Glass pioneer Babak Parviz confirmed to speak at Apps World

 Image via Mashable Google Glass pioneer Babak Parviz confirmed to speak at Apps World   Babak Parviz, one of the minds behind Google Glass who has just left the company to be VP at Amazon, has been announced as a keynote speaker at this year’s Apps World Europe, from November 12-13 at the ExCeL, London. Parviz will be kicking off the Wearables track on day 2 – a new part of the show – and do...[Read More]

Droid World 2014 (Sponsored Article)

How Droid World examines the future of the Android ecosystem With Android systems tipping the balance at up to 81% in units sold dependent on who you read, it’s never been a more fruitful time to be working in Android. There’s an awful lot of excitement with Google I/O around the corner, yet with version 4.4.4 hitting the stands last week, it’s definitely something for users to get their teeth int...[Read More]

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