How to Write a Literature Review for a Technical Report

Writing a literature review for a report is a very practical task — there is not much room for creativity here, you just have to follow the basics and you will come up with a satisfying result......

8 Tips How to Write Successful Resume in 2018

  5 Tips How to Write Successful Resume in 2018   If you’ve ever gone searching for a new job, you surely know that the presence of a flawless resume is paramount. If you can master the skills necessary to create a brilliant resume, you’ll be getting calls for job interviews in no time. If not, be prepared to never get out of the starting gate. Different industries require different resu...[Read More]

60 Second App Review – iA Writer for Android

Price – Free Ads – No IAP – Yes Rating 7/10 It can be incredibly handy having full blown wordprocessors on your mobile phone, and even more so if you have a tablet. But when you want to bang a few words out on a keyboard sometimes what you really need is a blank page without all the distractions. iA Writer for Android gives you just that, a wordprocessor with only basic functions...[Read More]