Review: Motorola X Play

Review: Motorola X Play   In a slightly different approach this year, Motorola launched two “flagship” phones. I now hate the word “flagship,” it has come to mean the bestest, most expensive in the line from a given manufacturer. With Motorola that really isn’t the case in 2015 though. We have the Motorola X Play here at DroidHorizon towers, we’ll be giving...[Read More]

Review: Xenta XForce 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

Review: Xenta XForce 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers Review I have reviewed a couple of Android TV boxes over this year, see link – droidhorizon.com/?s=minix. They have always worked really well, but I was always so underwhelmed by the sound my TV produced. Thats why I was happy to see a package arrive from Xenta, their 5.1 Surround Sound speakers. The big box that arrived included a sub woofer,...[Read More]

X-Mini KAI 2 – Review

X-Mini KAI 2 – Review The motto for X-Mini is “sound beyond size”, this is due to their  small speakers that are big on sound. This is the first X-Mini speaker I’ve had a chance to review. I was absolutely blown away by the sound that came out. This is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker. It’s built for travel and sound quality but also allows you to take a conference call at the push of a ...[Read More]

Motorola Moto X UK – Review

Moto X UK – Review   After 6 months of waiting, the UK got it’s hands on the first high end Motorola since the Razr HD . I say high end even though most people are calling it a “mid range” phone just based on internal hardware. This is where I think they are going wrong. The build quality is just beautiful. Even on the “Made in China” versions the UK gets. The screen is bright and sharp...[Read More]

New Poll – Moto X in the UK and parts of Europe.

Picture courtesy of Motorola Mobility Google Plus Page. France. Germany. The United Kingdom. They’ll all be home to the #MotoX – starting in February!    The biggest news of the day was the announcement by Motorola that they will now start shipping the Moto X to the UK, Germany and France. Having been available since late August in the United States, Motorola are now launching the high...[Read More]