ZDcal – Review

ZDcal – Review As a man who forgets a lot of important dates, birthdays and anniversaries, i’m always interested in the next best calender app. ZDcal is another hidden gem I found at XDA, its functional and looks great. ZDcal is part of the growing trend of apps based on the new Google design standards. This means that the app itself is clean and crisp, displaying your calender of choi...[Read More]

3D 100 Taps – Review

3D 100 Taps – Review Whats the quickest you can do 100 taps in? How good is your hand eye co-ordination? Who is the highest ranking player of 3D 100 Taps? These questions and more can now all be answered by grabbing 3D 100 Taps. The game has a simple concept, but is executed in a way that makes it a challenge. You get greeted with a line of 100 balls, you then have to tap which ball is curre...[Read More]

HoloConvert – Review

HoloConvert – Review Which came first the chicken or the egg, what killed the dinosaurs, is Nicolas Cage a good or a bad actor? These are all questions that will never be answered, but one that we can answer with ease is: What 100 cm in meters? This is all thanks to the XDA Forum Member AggieDev and their latest release HoloConvert. With a large database of various units, a calculator and a ...[Read More]

XDA Developer Beaups Teases S-OFF For HTC One, but for Verizon

XDA Developer Beaups Teases S-OFF For HTC One, but for Verizon I will admit that I got way too exited about this, but on further reading I can see I have to keep calm. It appears that an XDA developer that goes by the name Beaups has released an image showing that he has managed the impossible, gaining S-OFF on the HTC One. The reason to not get too exited is that its only for the Verizon version,...[Read More]

Android Collectible Guide

Android Collectible Guide is Nicolas Marien‘s first Android app,   Google Play Description: You are a new Android Mini Collector and you are lost with all the different series, names, artists…? Fear no more. This application aims to help you get along with collecting Android Mini. You can add some action figures to your personal collection, set a price for each mini, estimate your...[Read More]

Shooting Club Zombies Attack – Review

Shooting Club Zombies Attack – Review I’m not sure what zombies have done lately, but it appears that more and more games are tasking you with killing them. A lot of these lots of big guns, running around for ammo and hiding in a corner while you reload. Shooting Club Zombies Attack puts a different spin on the zombie shooter, by combining it with a sniper game. Your put way out of ran...[Read More]

HTC One 4.2.2 – First Impressions

HTC One 4.2.2 – First Impressions Hooray! Finally we have 4.2.2 on the HTC One. I am not using the “Official” version of this update, i’m using the ARHD version, which for the time being is stock but with a few tweaks here and there.  The first thing that got me, was the change to the internal storage, it creates a new space and when you first log on all your music and imag...[Read More]

WidgetShade – Review

WidgetShade – Review One of the major Android perks are widgets, they sit on your homescreen and tell you the time, weather, tweets etc. But you always have to go to the home screen to read them, this can be annoying when your watching a movie, playing a game or any other activity where going to the home screen isn’t possible. There have been some developments to overcome this issue su...[Read More]

Full Auto Brightness Control with Velis Auto Brightness App

Full Auto Brightness Control with Velis Auto Brightness App – There are various ways to change the auto brightness on your Android device, these normally involve flashing patches or mods onto a rooted device. This is common practice for lowering the auto brightness brightness levels to conserve battery or increasing the brightness to enjoy your display more. But now from XDA developer velis7...[Read More]