4 Tips to Building a YouTube Audience

Building a following on social media is relatively simple, but making sure they keep returning is another matter. For this to happen they need to feel confident in your expertise and entertainment value. Even though the number of platforms available means that you have a selection of effective ways to deliver your content, visual platforms like YouTube are the most successful. However complicated ...[Read More]

60 Second App Review – Y Music

Price – Free Ads – No IAP – Yes (voluntary donation) Rating – 8/10 One of the biggest bugbears of listening to music on YouTube (yes, that’s what the Y stands for) is the screen off, sound off problem. Even backing out the app is enough to pause playback. To address this issue and a couple of others, Google started a subscription service called YouTube Red. Red leader...[Read More]

TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger – Review

More and more devices are being developed with wireless charging capabilities, so to be able to set your device down on a pad on your desk seems like a no-brainer. Then again, plugging that Micro USB into your phone is fairly painless as-is, right? Well, seemingly, assuming you have the connector turned the right way in the first place. Research says 80% of the time a Micro USB is plugged in the w...[Read More]

Magical Zombie Smasher – Review

Developer’s description.. Intense zombie smashing action with advanced spells. Friend rankings, world rankings and many levels of increasing difficulty. A lot of fun for a long time! Tap zombies to kill ’em or sling spells on them by swiping with your finger. Slice your way out of hardest situations with a magic sword! Multi-touch absolutely supported! A fast and fun game that can be p...[Read More]

YouTube Floating HD Player – Review

YouTube Floating HD Player – Review If ever there was an award for making time completely disappear then YouTube would win it every year. Many a time I can be seen watching cats fall into various objects. The only problem is you have to stop watching to visit other apps, but not any-more! With YouTube Floating HD Player, you can now search for your favourite video, and activate the pop-out p...[Read More]

Timely – Review

Timely – Review You’ve seen it in your feeds, and on your readers. Timely has taken the android world by storm, I was originally hesitant about this app, how could an alarm app be so popular? But read on and you’ll see that this app has the potential to be one of the best apps around. Its smooth, smart and easy to use. Plus you can even set alarms, so thats a major bonus! The loo...[Read More]