Take professional looking studio pictures with Product Camera

We all know that visuals, and images in particular, are a huge factor for turning online viewers into customers and growing online sales. Statistics show that over 90% of online purchases from e-commerce websites are based on visual appearances. So when it comes to selling your products online you usually have two options: either upload your own pictures which, let’s face it, are mostly not professional, or hire a professional photographer, which is time consuming and expensive. But here’s a new option, from the developers behind the popular camera app Camera51: Product Camera – a brilliant new mobile app that helps you to easily take professional looking images of your products, developed with online sellers in mind.

Take professional pictures with Product Camera

Take professional pictures with Product Camera

Product Camera is quick, easy, and fully automatic: no photography or editing knowledge is needed. Just install it on your phone, place your product against a plain background, point and shoot. The app will quickly do the rest of the work for you: whiten out the background, add an aesthetic soft shadow, and optimize focus and lighting. No more expansive photographers or hours spent on Photoshop editing, with Product Camera you’ll get professional pictures in studio quality, within seconds. And if for some reason you are not satisfied with the result the app lets you optimize the image manually and easily until you have the perfect photo.

A few tips for using Product Camera:

  • Use a light filled environment
    Product camera
  • Keep steady while Product Camera is scanning
    Product camera
  • Avoid strong shadows
    Product camera

With this app there are no more excuses for those amateur photos on your website / Ebay account. Go on and give it a try, you’ll have professional images of your products in no time.
Product Camera is currently available for Android only and you can download it here or from the banner below.

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