The best mobile apps revitalising traditional games

The best mobile apps revitalising traditional games

The growth in popularity of online games seems to have given a new lease of life to many of our old favourites, enabling people to partake with others without the need to be in the same room or even creating new demand for the old games from those who would never have played them otherwise. Here we take a look at some of the best mobile apps which have revitalised traditional games of the past.


Monopoly GO!

Monopoly is perhaps the most popular board game of all-time and has been the source of many family arguments through the generations. The protracted nature of the game may not seem ideally suited to an on-the-go app format, but ‘Monopoly GO!’ succeeds in creating a faster-paced game on a shorter board. It retains the most popular elements of the original board game, including sending opponents to jail and collecting money for passing ‘Go’, whilst bringing its own unique sense of engagement through its turbo-charged rounds. Its simplicity allows for fun across the family and perhaps fewer arguments without the drawn-out competition associated with the board game.



The classic game of bingo has been played across traditional brick-and-mortar halls for generations and has always had a focus on community and friendship. Apps have maintained this tradition through a strong emphasis on chat room features, facilitating an environment in which players can interact with others in a spirit of fun. The virtual format also allows for the introduction of fresh elements to bingo games such as themed environments like Deal or No Deal. The quick-paced nature of bingo has allowed it to make a smooth transition to the mobile gaming space and offers a friendly environment in which to be social whilst on the move.



The centuries-old game of chess has also found increased popularity through its mobile app offerings. ‘Chess – Play and Learn’ enables players to learn the basics or develop new strategies through its hundreds of interactive videos and sessions. It allows for players to test their abilities against the computer as well as other real players of a similar standard. It also sets itself apart from its traditional, physical counterpart by offering a variety of different themes for the boards, the backgrounds and the pieces. Its easy access on mobile allows users to quickly dive into games and engage with a thriving community of fellow players keen to develop their understanding of this cerebral pursuit.


Mobile gaming does not detract from the time-worn pastimes of generations gone by, rather it helps to add new layers to our old favourite traditional games. The common criticism that virtual games cultivate an anti-social environment simply does not hold true in these examples. The reality is that these games facilitate a different way to interact with other people and can be a lifeline to those who may not be able to play with friends or family in person. Mobile games are able to offer their own fresh interpretations of the classics and revitalise them with a vibrancy and colour that entices younger generations. These apps, along with many others, help to maintain the popularity of our most enduring games and nurture a cross-generational appreciation of their joys

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